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I would say, so far, business has more than doubled from what it was the previous busy season. Because my business has now picked up, I was able to quit my unrelated part-time job, and focus on my business 100%. I check ThriveHive before I check my email.
Leah Luczynski
Owner, Leah Luczynski Interior Design
ThriveHive has helped us get our name and our work out to a much larger audience than we've ever had. ThriveHive thinks of things that we never even realized you should think about. It shows us exactly what we really want to know and not extraneous data that we wouldn't really use.
Isabella Biedenharn
Communications Coordinator, Boston After School & Beyond
We’ve been using ThriveHive since the new year. We have everything including our website, social media, and marketing efforts under one roof now... We’ve received the same amount of leads in the first two and a half months with ThriveHive as we receieved in the first 18 months of doing it ourselves.
Mike Spiegel, Owner Mobile Mixers
Mike Spiegel
Owner, Mobile Mixers
Since I opened up and started using their services, I have drastically increased my business and my clientelle. I am already looking to open a second location, and I owe a lot of that to ThriveHive
Dr. Adam Jacobs
Owner, SF Custom Chiropractic
They rebuilt my website at no charge. They allow me to track everything that's going on with my website. The SEO is phenomenal. What they do for us is phenomenal. I recommend that anybody who is looking for a website provider, someone to help them with SEO, get involved with ThriveHive today!
Bernadette Trafton
Co-founder Boston AREIA
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