• You’re Missing Out On Web Traffic


Listen. You’re losing out on web traffic. Qualified and engaged web traffic from users who are interested and familiar with your company. Stop missing out on these web sessions and start utilizing retarget advertisements!

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of digital marketing that helps keep your company and your brand in front of users who have previously visited your website.

With retargeting, companies are able to stay “top of mind” for web traffic that has recently bounced off your website, often times with an extra promotion, incentive, or call-to-action that perks their interest and brings them back to your business.

How do I start?

Setting up a retargeting campaign is easy: once you partner with a retargeting firm or digital agency, you are given a brief snippet of code (often times called a “pixel” or a “cookie”) to place onsite. This allows the retargeting campaign to:

  • Recognize who has visited your website
  • Determine who to deliver retargeting advertisements to

In other words, you don’t have to worry about which audience to target with your digital marketing efforts. With retargeting, users are selecting themselves!

Does it really help?

Absolutely it does. Only 2% of conversions occur on a user’s first site visit – you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage if you forget about the other 98%. Upon visiting your company website, someone has already demonstrated interest in your product or service. With retargeting, you can recapture these users and reintroduce them to your website when they’re more ready to buy.

So how does it work?

You could be researching golf clubs for Father’s Day, looking at pricing options for a nice new driver. After browsing for a bit – and checking out a few options – you hop offline to think about it later. Over the course of the next week, while browsing the web, you see advertisements for one of the golf clubs you checked out. Wait – all clubs are now 25% off for a limited time only? Time to jump back to that website and lock in the purchase!

Interested? Make sure your retargeting ads adhere to industry best practices:

  • Have a strong, clear call-to-action
  • Introduce an incentive or promotion to bring people back (can you offer a % off?)
  • Segment your users and have a set of retargeting advertisements based on where and what your website user was looking at (did they go to the Driver page or the Sand Wedge page? Advertise accordingly)

Next Steps

Retargeting is a GREAT tool for enticing previous site visitors to come back to your website, but it does not stop there. Retargeting is even more effective when incorporated into a larger digital marketing plan. Retargeting yields the strongest results when used as a complementary piece to:

  • Email Marketing
  • Google AdWords & SEM
  • Audience-Targeted Display Ads

Are you interested in increasing conversions? Establishing your brand? Get the most out of your web traffic by incorporating a retargeting campaign. Don’t miss out on web traffic!

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