• Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Google Says It Better Be!


Google is again updating their organic search algorithm. This time, they’re looking to reward mobile-friendly websites – and taking aim at websites that are not.

All website owners need to understand how best to protect their organic mobile rankings! Google Webmaster Tools Analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji has even gone on record saying that this update will have an even greater impact on Google search results than previous Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

As a quick Google algorithm recap, Google Panda lowered the rank of websites deemed by Google as “low quality” and went into effect February 2011. Google Penguin, which launched April 2012, reduced the search engine rankings of sites that violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

This new mobile-friendly algorithm update will likely be more impactful than either of these past two updates!

So what is this algorithm update all about? What’s changing?

In short, Google’s new algorithm will place greater emphasis on mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized websites.

You may have noticed that Google has already begun labeling websites in their mobile search results as “Mobile-friendly”, and this sort of indicator will now be a factor in site rankings as well.

With more than half of ALL searches being conducted via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s important your website – and your business – is ready for this change.

Google has reacted to the times – a strong majority of web searches are being made through mobile devices, so it’s time to cater the mobile search results pages to these users. Rather than direct them to websites that make the user “pull” and “stretch” the website to interact with poor site interfaces, Google will be connecting its users to websites that are optimized to these smart phones and tablets.

An implementation date of April 21st gives you about two weeks to ensure your website is ready.

How do I prepare for the new algorithm?

Easy: ensure your website is optimized for the mobile experience.

If it is – via responsive web design or other platforms – double check and confirm you’re all set. If it isn’t? You had better get started!

It is important to note that if you have an SEO expert on your side – either on your payroll or through an agency – he or she is surely ready for the algorithm change and has already taken preparatory measures! In this case, there should be no reason to worry.

No SEO guru on your team? Then the first step in confirming compatibility would be to head over to Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” to see if your website is mobile-friendly in its current state. Plug in your website URL to have Google analyze your site design.

April 21st is coming up quick – make sure your web presence is ready!

If you fail Google’s mobile test, it may be time to look at responsive web design before you disappear from mobile search results. With the algorithm update looming large, don’t wait to consult your SEO expert and identify a course of action if needed!

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