• You Have Live Chat – Now What?


As a business owner, having direct communication with your consumers is essential. Providing an immediate response can create great user experiences.

Using tools like Live Chat not only facilitates those immediate responses, but also engages consumers and gains their trust in your company.

So now that you’ve got Live Chat, what can you expect from it?

Quality over Quantity

Unlike other lead drivers, Live Chat does not focus on providing a high volume of traffic. Instead of volume, its purpose is to drive high quality leads that are the most likely to convert.

Live Chat is also known for the benefits it provides to all your customers helping to convert through great brand experiences:

  • An Expert Rep: You can rest easy knowing that the representatives your customers are talking to are trained on all the most important aspects of your business.
  • Lead Info: Live Chat only counts a lead as valid if they successfully retrieve the person’s contact information – a phone number or email. This ensures that you will be able to reach back out to the customer and seal the deal.
  • Provided Script: With each lead report you receive at the end of the month, you are able to read the conversation reps had with your customer. This will give you insight into who they are, why they came to your site, what they’re looking for, and how you can improve your website.

Integration with Other Tools

Another great feature of Live Chat is that you can incorporate it with other marketing techniques! Live Chat can be combined with other online tools including mobile websites, landing pages, and e-commerce site to help you better serve your customers no matter where they are.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are probably the best example of the marriage between digital tools and Live Chat. They are designed for promoting a unique feature or special offer, and as such already drive higher quality leads. Adding a Live Chat feature takes it to the next level.

Let’s say you’re having a special sale next Friday. You want to promote this sale as best as you can, so you build a landing page to advertise this specific sale. Then, you add Live Chat product and train the chat reps on everything they need to know about this sale and your business.

Once it’s all launched, users would be brought to your landing page, and now they’d have the option to chat with a representative about the sale. Giving customers options for seeking information allows them to get answers right away so they don’t miss your sale!

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce sites are another great place to utilize live chat. 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer. The fact that nearly half of people online think so highly of live chat is evidence enough of its value to business owners.

Consumers will become more interested in your product if they can get the information they need right when they need it. They’ll also be more apt to purchase the product if they have all of their questions answered without leaving your site or exploring other options. By integrating Live Chat into your website, your business can attend to unique customer needs on the spot. Live Chat can be easily integrated onto almost any site, but e-commerce sites are an especially successful way to use this tool.

Mobile Sites

Just like a regular website, a Live Chat tool can appear on a mobile website. Consumers can talk directly – and immediately – to reps about your business no matter where they are. Whether they’re at the beach or on their couch, customers will be able to ask their questions and get the answers they need even when on their smartphone or tablet. The tool will, quite literally, be right at their fingertips.

A Tailored Marketing Tool

According to SEO blog Powered by Search, “Live chat is another way to show your visitors that their questions and feedback matter.” Live Chat adds legitimacy to your business and helps customers trust that you are there to support their needs.

Using a marketing tool like Live Chat can really up the ante for how great your customer experience is. By marrying this tool with your website, mobile site, landing page or e-commerce site, you can exceed consumer expectations by providing immediate, tailored answers to their in-the-moment questions. Giving them accessibility and information they need will build their trust in you as the expert in your industry.

Drive quality leads and customer experience – launch Live Chat for your business!

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