• How to Write Your Business Descriptions on Social and Reviews Pages (with Examples)

How to Write Your Business Descriptions on Social and Reviews Pages (with Examples) (1)

When local consumers come across your social media profiles and review site listings they want to learn a little more before choosing your business. Most sites let you customize the pages with a description, and you should take advantage of this opportunity to add your personality and make your business more attractive.  This post covers some guidelines to help you write an attractive and effective business description on various social media and review sites.

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How to Write Your Business Descriptions on Social and Reviews Pages (with Examples) (1)

Guidelines for Writing Effective and Attractive Business Descriptions

Writing Your Facebook Description

Facebook lets you add a description to your business page, which shows in the About section as your Story. Visitors to your Facebook page may read this description to learn more about you. Consumers typically make much more personal connections with the small business they frequent than with big box stores. Let them know something interesting about you (the owner or manager), why you started the business, what’s special and unique, how long you’ve been in business and what you love about your location and/or your customers.

To change your Facebook description, log in as the Page Admin and edit the Page Info.

Tips for Your Yelp Description

Yelpers want to know about the businesses they frequent, so tell them about yourself, your business and its history and specialties. Adding this information to your Yelp profile also help with your search results. Yelp lets you complete the “From the business” section, which includes:

  • Specialties: This is where you describe what your business does best. Include your top menu items, your area of expertise, or product lines you carry. The length is limited to 1,500 characters.
  • History: The section lets you tell the story of the business —who started it, why it was started, etc. There’s also a specific field in this section for entering the year the business was established. The character limit is 1,000.
  • Meet the Business Owner: We love that Yelp included this section, so business owners can introduce themselves. This is a great opportunity to add personality. Include a brief biography of the owner(s). This could include where they’re from, how they got into business, etc. Character limit: 1000

To change your Yelp description, log into Yelp for Business. Be sure to adhere to Yelp’s guidelines and don’t include a list of keywords, offers, excessive use of formatting, or review solicitation.

What to Include in Your Foursquare Description

Foursquare distributes business information to thousands of developers. That means the business description you add here has legs. Keep the description to less than 50 words and include your business name, some background info, and what makes your business unique. Here are some great examples:

“Since 1994 Jax Fish House has served up the finest and freshest the ocean has to offer to the masses that squeeze into the packed downtown Denver hotspot.
At Bagel Bob’s on York, our bagels are made the old-fashioned way—oven-baked fresh in-house throughout the day!”

“Amy’s Bread features hand-made breads, morning pastries, decadent cookies, old-fashioned layer cakes, unique sandwiches, healthy salads, and more. Our hearth-baked breads are crusty, chewy, with a moist crumb and lots of flavor. We use traditional European methods, and shape every loaf by hand.”

How to Write Your Instagram Description

Instagram lets you add a bio for your business but only gives you 150 characters. Try to include the most important info that describes your business and what makes you unique. Include at least your city and category in your Instagram bio to make it easy for customers to find your business, online and at your store location! This also helps search engines associate your Instagram page with your business. This way, when consumers are searching for a business in your category and city, your Instagram page can be included in the search results.

Here are some examples of good Instagram bios that include important location and category information:

how to write your business description instagram examples


Twitter Profile and Description Tips

To make the most of your Twitter marketing, make sure to have an optimized Twitter profile. Here’s how:

  • Include your business name and address in your profile. Twitter provides a name field and a location field for this purpose. Your name should match your name on Google, Yelp, Facebook etc. unless you have to shorten it for Twitter.
  • Include a link to your website, so potential customers can find out more about you. Twitter provides a field for this.
  • Use your business logo for the profile photo. This is shown with all your tweets. If you use the same logo as on other social accounts, it’s easy for customers to recognize your business on Twitter.
  • Make sure your header image represents your business well and is inviting. We think the inside of your shop, salon or restaurant works well. Dishes and products also work. You can swap the header image out frequently and use it to advertise special events and promotions.

To write a great Twitter description, do the following to make the most out of the 160 characters available:

  • Include descriptive keywords that will help your customers understand your business and help your business stand out in Google search results.
  • Consider adding your neighborhood as part of the description.
  • Think about adding a call to action with your phone number, for example “call for reservations”.
  • You can even promote your happy hour on your profile!

Here are some examples of good Twitter descriptions:
twitter bio examples jamescolgan

twitter bio examples laloma

Your Twitter description is limited to 160 characters, so it’s important to be concise while making it memorable and informative. You don’t need to include your location in your bio, since Twitter designates a field for this elsewhere in your profile.


These guidelines will help you to write effective and attractive descriptions for your business on Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram, and Twitter. For more tips on optimizing your online presence through listings and directories, download our free eBook below:

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