• Work/Life Balance Tips for Small Business Owners

Work/Life Balance Tips for Small Business Owners

Everybody struggles to tackle the ambiguous task of balancing a healthy work/life relationship. With the technology available to us today, it is easy to check our work inboxes while out at dinner, to check our Facebook feeds while in the office. For small business owners in particular, work/life balance is especially challenging. After all, your work is your livelihood. So how do you take care of all of this? In this post we’ll go over some work/life balance tips so that you can ensure that both you and your business stay healthy.

Work/Life Balance Tips for Small Business Owners


What Can You Do to Help Manage Your Work/Life Balance?

Balancing your home and work life will evolve with time and as you get to know yourself, but here are some basic tips to get you started.

Keep a Calendar

In today’s immediate and technology-driven landscape, life and work can get chaotic. Fragmented conversations online, whether on mobile phones or computers, jumbled with calls and face-to-face conversations, can cause confusion when it come to setting a schedule and planning ahead. As a small business owner, it can be tough to set and stick to a schedule. However this doesn’t mean you should nix the idea altogether. Strive to maintain some form of structure, such as with an app or even a good old fashioned notebook or calendar. Visualizing your work plans next to your home life plans will help you to stay organized in the various areas of your life as well as be realistic about making commitments.

Work from home

Getting out of the office or field can refocus you to get things done without the normal distractions buzzing around you. If you can, work from home or remotely every once in a while to change up the scenery and give yourself a breather.

Make Work a Part of Your Life

As a business owner, people look up to you, your leadership, and energy. Get to know a thing or two about the folks you work with, like how their weekend was, if they have any plans, or what their hobbies are. Incorporating a personal element into your work life can help to make it more enjoyable and gratifying.

Fuel Yourself

Fuel yourself with food and sleep to be able to power through the workday and meet the demands of a balanced work/life relationship. Routine exercise can help boost energy levels and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. As a business owner you have expectations to uphold that require being on the ball. The more attention you give to fueling yourself the right way, the more you can accomplish in both your work and personal life.

Set goals for yourself

The purpose of having work/life balance is to be successful in both areas. To keep yourself on track, set tangible goals for yourself each day. Give yourself deadlines, and when you meet them, reward yourself in small ways. This will help you to feel accomplished, which will make it easier to turn away from particular responsibilities and tend to others.

Give Yourself Breaks

As a small business owner, you want to make the most of every minute at home and at work, but burning yourself out is counterproductive. Don’t forget to take breaks so you can recharge and maintain quality output. Take time throughout the day to stretch or practice breathing. Actually use your lunch breaks to go on a walk, grab a coffee, or try out a new local restaurant.

Also, don’t be afraid to let others help you. If something comes up that you can’t finish alone, divide and conquer. Synergize with your team to finish the day out strong with less stress.

Don’t over-commit

As a small business owner, you want to do it all, but what’s more important is being able to follow through to completion. Before you take on additional responsibilities, make sure you have the bandwidth for them. Commit only to things you can follow through on. Saying no to a friend, family member, or coworker can be hard, but disappointing them down the line is worse.

Set Clear Boundaries

When you get home, put emails, calls and other work-related distractions to the sidelines. When you’re at the office, work-related tasks should take priority. Realistically, you can’t keep your work life and personal life completely separate, but setting boundaries can prevent them from negatively impacting each other.

Your business means a lot to you, but it’s not the only thing in your life. The key to achieving healthy work-life balance is in finding little ways to tweak your planning, attitude, and habits to facilitate your responsibilities and relationships.

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