• Winter Wonderful: 3 Tricks to Video


With winter just around the corner, it’s time to think about curling up by the fire and queuing up your favorite video online.

So you settle in, peruse the internet for those high-tech new socks you were thinking about and… what’s this? A video showing off the power and strength of those very socks? Fantastic! Now you can learn all there is to know before making an informed purchasing decision.

Wouldn’t it be great to put your business out there in front of potential customers like that? Well, you can!

Whether you’re promoting your newest product line, running a series of employee spotlights, or featuring testimonials from happy customers, there’s always a good reason for using digital videos for your business. But the key in anything is to do it well!

Here are 3 tricks to creating the best video:

1.) Keep it Short and Sweet

Believe it or not, your video should never be longer than a minute. Yup, just one minute. But within those 30-60 seconds, you have plenty of time to show off your product, describe cool and informative details, and really prove why your item is worth trying.

2.) Tell a Story (Be Creative!)

Keep viewers engaged with a fun and interesting story or creative thread. You don’t want to lose them with a boring video. Use great graphics or keep the language light and engaging to keep people interested long enough to hear what you have to say.

3.) Include a Call to Action

Nothing’s worse than getting a customer to the end of your video… only to leave them hanging. What’s next? Inspire them to take action, complete the next steps, make a purchase. Make sure your video caps off with a reminder or instruction of what to do once the video ends, whether it’s buying the product, calling your hotline, or downloading your ebook to learn more.

Winter is a time to stay cozy indoors and peruse the web to finally research that thing you’ve been thinking about buying or learn how to tackle that project that’s been on your mind. Creating a quality, engaging video is the perfect way to grab customers’ attention!

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