• Why Your Business Needs a Landing Page


Landing pages, if done correctly, will almost always increase your leads.

When tied to a campaign, landing pages provide a consistent experience and drive conversions.

Take it from companies like Dell and Lumineers, who saw huge success with their landing page campaigns. Their landing pages not only generated additional revenue, but also helped them gain valuable insights into their ideal customer demographics.

This success would not have been possible if they had opted to send all incoming traffic to their website’s homepage, and here’s why:

Your Homepage Won’t Cut it

Your homepage is designed for general brand information and will provide links that direct visitors all over your website for the specifics they’re interested in. This is not optimal for driving conversions. A landing page will have laser-like focus on one single topic in order to drive a specific action from the visitor. Landing pages are proven to be more effective at achieving defined goals like building an email list, and driving quality leads.

Develop an Email List

Your business needs an email list. Who are you going to mail that newsletter, sale or product announcement to? Email lists are extremely effective for keeping in touch with your customer base, creating up-sell opportunities, and driving further engagement. Haven’t we all heard that it’s easier (and cheaper) to maintain a customer than to find a new one? Landing pages are by far the best way to capture emails and to start or build onto an existing email list.

Expand Potential Leads

Lead generation is the lifeblood of all your online marketing efforts. A compelling landing page with a simple contact form as the call to action can connect your business to a sea of customers you never knew you had. Whether your landing page pulls in 30 leads in a month or 30,000, you will gain valuable insights into who your ideal customers are. Understanding these demographics and optimizing your landing page will allow for even more success in future campaigns.

Make the Most of Your Search Campaigns

Coupling your landing page with an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign will drive instant traffic to your landing page. Search campaigns not only drive traffic, but they ensure that you’re gathering leads from visitors that are actually interested in your offer. It’s recommended to test multiple landing pages for each campaign to determine which style or message translates to higher conversion rates.

Although normal web pages maintain some of the same features of a landing page, they are not nearly as effective at generating leads. Pairing a well-thought-out landing page with any of your campaigns will prove to be a significant revenue booster for your business.

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