• How influential is your business online?


How do you know that your company’s social media pages are working? Is it by the number of Likes, connections, and followers you have? Do you look at the number of posts, comments, retweets, and shares you get?

These are important metrics and can tell you a great deal about how well your company is using social media. It can be a lot to take in, so what if there was a way to take all those numbers and boil them down to one score? The good news is, there is. It’s called Klout.

Klout is a website that measures your influence on social networks based on your ability to drive activity. After linking all your social accounts, Klout crunches the data and produces a score to tell you just how influential you are. Based on a scale of 1-100, the average user has a score of 40. Just to give you an idea for comparison, Barack Obama has a score of 99 and Justin Bieber is at 91. Our own Social Media Manager, Michelle, has a score of 62. All are influential, but in very different ways to very different audiences. Whether you’re the President of the United States or an awesome local social media mogul, you have the opportunity to engage your audience and gain authority on topics that are important to you.

This tool has often been used by individuals, but now there is great news for companies: Facebook Brand Pages have been added into the scoring algorithm! Being able to add a brand page to a company account will increase a business’ score by an average of 7 points, according to Klout. The higher your score, the better your social networks are doing at engaging your customers.

Having a high score doesn’t just mean your company is influential: it helps to establish your authority on a subject. The over 100 million people using Klout have the ability to add a +K endorsement of your knowledge of a topic, which enhances your score. The more +K points you have, the more consumers will look to your brand as an expert on a specific topic. Having that authority pushes you towards the top of your industry and enhances your business’ online reputation.

Klout serves as a reminder of the significance of your company’s social media presence and online reputation. Everything you do online counts, and it all adds up. What’s your score?


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