• What will you discover with digital?


It’s Columbus Day. A day to celebrate a great explorer’s discovery of this fine land we call home.

Columbus may not have set out to discover America, but he stumbled upon it by happy accident.

When customers search online for things to do, places to go, and people to see, they’re not setting out to discover your business. They find you by happy accident or, thanks to search engines, by good online marketing.

In today’s market, it’s no longer advisable to go out in search of customers. The internet has changed the dynamics so that nowadays, customers go out in search of you. Cast a wide net to catch those explorers by taking advantage of great online marketing tools.

Try Search Engine Marketing

Get your business name front and center on search results pages, narrowing your target audience by location and keywords so only the most relevant customers see your ad.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Take advantage of organic search results: rise to the top of results pages by optimizing your website, link building, and more.

Build a great website

It should be common sense these days to have a great, simple website to catch online traffic. Get your name out there, provide contact information, and be mobile-optimized!

Get into Display and Retargeting

Online display ads are the new billboards. Use display ads and retargeting to build brand awareness and pull in potential customers.

By using these tools, among others, you can help modern day explorers (your potential customers) in finding your business. Discover how online marketing can change your business, and let customers come to you!

Happy Columbus Day from Propel!

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