• What To Do if Your Business Has Plateaued

Where there is business growth, there is marketing; but where there is marketing, there is not necessarily a growing business. There is a plethora of options available today for getting the word out about your business, but there are also many competitors doing the same. It’s important to be employing the right marketing tactics in the most effective way in order to continue on a path of growth. If your business has plateaued in one way or another, fear not. This post will equip you with an action plan to get your business out of (or to prevent) the various marketing plateaus it could face.

What To Do If Your Business Plateaus

If Your Overall Marketing Has Plateaued

Hopefully, you’ve implemented a tracking system for your marketing and know for a fact that it has plateaued because the data shows it. If you have, you can skip this section. If not, read on. Your first step is to set up tracking. Without tracking, you can’t see exactly what has plateaued. In fact, you can’t be sure that there even is a plateau—you might be getting more leads than you thought through an unknown channel. Don’t rely on what you think or perceive to be working. This is inaccurate and requires time you don’t have.

To implement tracking, first create an inventory of all of the collateral you have that contains links or phone numbers, and organize them in a way that makes sense—such as by what is being promoted or what channel is being used. This way, when you create unique links and numbers for each item, you can do it in a way that makes them recognizable and easier to report on.

Now it’s time to actually do it— to replace those links and numbers with the tracked ones. Most marketing automation platforms have a tracked link feature, but you can also do use Google’s URL Builder.

Replacing general links and direct phone lines with tracked links and phone numbers will give you a clear picture of what’s working, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be eliminated—and on track with rising up out of your plateau.

If Audience Engagement Has Plateaued

Have your customers stopped asking questions or coming back? Are you getting fewer likes and follows on social media? Here’s what to do:

•  Rekindle regular communication with current and potential customers with a monthly email newsletter containing news, offers, and new products or services. Promote your email newsletter on your website, in your store, and offer discounts for signing up.
•  Start regularly posting on social media. Promote useful blog posts and special offers with links to landing pages, and use relevant hashtags. Try running a contest or giveaway. Strengthening existing relationships, attracting more followers, and restoring a top-of-mind status will help you out of your engagement plateau.

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•  Create a rewards program for repeat and loyal customers.
•  Cultivate a connection with a micro-influencer and ask them to guest post or include your business in their post.

If Your Website Traffic Has Plateaued

If your website traffic is no longer growing, it’s time to make some updates and changes using on-page SEO tactics. Here’s what to do:

•  Make sure each page on your website targets a different keyword to rank for.
•  Make sure that for each page, your targeted keywords are in the content, headings, image tags, and meta description.
•  Update your content for accuracy and relevancy.
•  Increase the frequency of your blogging. Try to post at least once a week about topics and keywords relevant to your audience.
• Promote your blog posts and other website pages on social media to increase referral traffic.

If New Customer Acquisition Has Plateaued

If you’re not getting new customers, it’s likely because they’re not able to find you. Here’s how to get out of an acquisition plateau:

•  Take an inventory of your online listings. You may have more than you think, as many sites automatically pull information from larger directories. Now, update your listings with accurate and identical information.
•  Add your location to Facebook
•  Partner with a neighboring business to host a community event, promoted across social media using location-based hashtags.
•  Start a referral program. The best prospective customers to your business are likely right under your nose. Get your existing customers to connect you with them!

If Lead Generation Has Plateaued

You may have great products and services, and great content about it, but it will do you no good if you have no one to see it. Lead generation allows you to find people interested in your business with whom you can build trust over time and convert into customers. If the number of leads your business is generating as plateaued, here’s what to do:

•  Create free eBooks and appealing offers that people can obtain in exchange for their email address or phone number.
•  Put relevant calls to action (CTAs) on every page of your website for these offers (such as “click here to schedule a free consultation”).
•  Generate leads on social media through targeted campaigns and personal interaction.

If Conversion Has Plateaued

Perhaps you’re not having a problem generating leads, but the number of leads converting into customers has plateaued. Here’s what you can do: Build online reviews on Yelp and Google build online reviews on Yelp and Google

•  Get more online reviews on Yelp and Google, as these are often the deciding factor for prospective buyers who are comparing you to a competitor.
•  Add customer testimonials to your website to help consumers see how your business can help them specifically.
•  Personalize your brand to distinguish your business from competitors and attract the right people. Use social media to express your values and reveal your company culture.
Use online advertising to enhance your targeting and drive more qualified visitors to your website
•  Try changing the copy in your call to action phrases or the designs for your buttons.
•  Create landing pages specific to your offers

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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