• Remarketing- What It Is and Why You Should Try It

Here at Propel Marketing, we have a pretty fantastic team dedicated to developing thoughtful and lasting relationships with our clients and making the very best recommendations for digital marketing campaigns. One of the people who provides digital marketing consultations to our clients every day is Sean Cummings, Account Executive. I sat down with Sean for a conversation to learn more....

RemarketingDoes this sound familiar? You visit a website for a particular company and once you leave there are suddenly banner ads for them on seemingly every site on the web. What’s happening here? Were they always advertising this much and you just didn’t notice? Possibly, but more likely that company is doing something called remarketing, and it’s pretty darn smart. So what is remarketing?

Remarketing (sometimes referred to as retargeting) is a way for businesses to more efficiently market to someone after they have already made it to the website. Here’s how it works: You see some piece of marketing content that you find engaging and end up on the company’s website. The website places a cookie on your computer to identify you only as someone who has visited the site. You poke around a bit and for whatever reason you aren’t ready to convert, so you leave. As you browse around on other sites, you’ll be shown ads for the company you checked out. Often times these ads will be for special offers to get you to purchase, rather than introducing you to the product. The advertiser knows you’ve already had a chance to check out their product or service, so this ad can skip straight to closing the deal.

So why is remarketing a smart thing to do? Simple. Why pay the normal price to bring someone back to your site that already knows about you? Why show someone a marketing message that introduces your brand when they are already familiar with it? Remarketing is a way to make your initial marketing efforts more effective by picking up where you left off with a customer. Because you’re bringing someone back who you’ve already engaged with once, remarketing tends to convert very well compared to traffic that is coming to your site for the first time, saving you money. In fact, remarketing is the only paid online advertising many small businesses use, relying on their free, organic traffic to build their “list” and saving their advertising budget to remarketing to those organic visitors. Remarketing gives you that second bite at the apple for traffic you’ve generated, but hasn’t yet converted.

How can you set up for your business? Remarketing is a feature offered through a number of online advertising networks and is generally easy to set up. In most cases, all you need is the ability to edit your website and the banner ads you want to run. You’ll get a piece of code to add to every page of your website. As people visit your site, this code marks them as a visitor and adds them to a “list” of people who will see your ads. These ad networks usually have settings to adjust how many times someone will see your ad and over what period of time. This is known as “reach & frequency capping”. The lower the price point on your product, the shorter the period of time you would need to remarket to them. More expensive products, ones that require more consideration and a longer sales cycle, tend to benefit from longer remarketing periods.

Google offers remarketing and has the largest network of sites to display your ads, which means you’ll have an easier time getting your ads seen by your visitors. Another benefit of using Google for your remarketing is that they offer a very easy to use banner ad builder. Most business owners don’t have the artistic or technical skill to make a good banner ad and would have to hire someone to make them. Having a free and easy to use ad builder means that you can get set up and started that much faster with less expense. Google’s remarketing is a little tricky to set up however, as it is not very intuitively organized in their system.

Interested in giving remarketing a try with your business? Any ad network will be happy to help you get started, and of course we here at ThriveHive can help you put together an extremely effective campaign.

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  1. John Lennon says:

    There’s some certain value in segmenting out your Remarketing viewers if you haven’t done so already – especially if you section out transforming guests, or high-value trolley guests, and bid those up. Your ads can be top of thoughts so when they have a buy in thoughts. I’ll be interested to listen to how your continuous optimizations perform.

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