• What are they looking for? 4 Tricks for Marketing that Work


When you designed your website, who was running the show?

Were you thinking about what you wanted to see for pages and the content that you think is important, or were you thinking about your customers?

What about your other marketing campaigns?

Your customers – and what they want – are the backbone of your business, and everything you do should be tailored to them. What do they want? What are they looking for? What answers do they need? The answers to those questions should be the core of every marketing tool you run.

If your email marketing campaign doesn’t speak to the concerns and questions your customers have most, what’s the point of running it? If your website doesn’t answer a visitor’s basic questions, they’re sure to bounce and find another business’ site that does.

Keeping your audience in mind is what makes your marketing work.

Write for your customers. Here are 4 tricks to answering the question, “What are they looking for?”

1. Take yourself out of the equation

Forget about what you want. What do your customers want? You might think that 1,000 words on the specifications of a particular new technology is fascinating. Your customers do not. Think about what matters to them in the moment when they’re visiting your site. That’s not the time for lengthy detail – keep it straightforward and save the technical information for later when you can show off your prowess firsthand.

2. Walk a mile in their shoes

Take off your business owner hat and put yourself in the place of your customers. If you were unfamiliar with your business, what would you expect to see? What would be most important to learn? Conversely, what information is not necessary at first meeting? And using what you do know about your own business, what key pieces of information will impress and win over a customer at first glance?

3. Keep track of what questions they ask

If your trip down psychologist lane doesn’t prove too helpful, you can find a lot of answers are already right in front of you. When customers call, email, or step up to the counter, what questions do they ask most often? Keep a list of what people are most concerned about and provide answers front and center. If topics are complicated, provide the basics and make it clear you can explain much more just as soon as they give you a call. It’s lead generation at its best!

4. Ask Your Customers

When in doubt, go directly to the source. What better way to answer “What do they want?” than by asking them? Send out feedback surveys after the sale, collect form submissions from your website, and ask customers in-person what they would most like to see on your website and what matters to them. Use these answers to inform how you design and write your site content as well as the messaging you use in email campaigns and other marketing materials!

When customers find you online, they’re not just browsing, killing time or wandering around. They’re looking for something! Make sure your marketing – including digital campaigns and your website content – provides the answers and the messaging that meets (or exceeds!) their expectations.

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