• What Are “Best Practices” Anyway?


You hear the term a lot. Best Practices.

You just want to know how to do something and whether or not it’s the most efficient way, and instead you get some jargon about “best practices suggest…

Following best practices. Against best practices.

What are best practices?

The term “best practices” is used in a range of industries to refer to the process and standards that are generally considered correct or most effective.

In marketing, it often connotes a difference between good tactics and bad, “black-hat” tactics.

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Every year, in every industry and every niche, experts come to a general consensus about what is a “best practice” and what is not. In digital marketing, this often is defined by whether or not the most recent algorithms from Google and Facebook are encouraging or discouraging certain methods of marketing on their platforms.

→  SEO Best Practices include not overloading content with keywords and using unique content to provide better user experience
→  Facebook Best Practices suggest appropriate ratios of business-related versus industry and “other” posts as well as careful targeting and frequency to not overload your audience’s feeds.
→  Website Best Practices fall under both design and content categories, including providing a clear CTA and using Responsive Design, as well as offering descriptive, relevant content.
→  Email Marketing Best Practices encourage avoiding “spammy” words like Free in your subject line and being sure to include an “unsubscribe” option for your recipients.

Every aspect of marketing – whether it’s an individual tool or an entire branch of digital – has its own set of Best Practices aimed at providing the best customer experience – and delivering the best ROI results.

White Hat not Black Hat

There are many angles and opinions to take into consideration when working on your digital marketing campaigns, but best practices serve as a crucial guideline and professional barometer by which to measure your standards.



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