• This Week in Tech: Facebook Dislike, Instagram Size Options & #2 in Search Results


The summer might be winding down and the weather turning cooler, but the news just keeps on coming.

From surprising discoveries to long-awaited updates, there’s always something exciting and different happening in the digital and marketing worlds, from social to search (and everything in between).

This Week in Tech, Facebook discussed their Dislike button, Instagram’s new photo size options, and why you don’t want to be #1 in search.

Facebook’s “Dislike” Button

At long last (and after much clamoring by the internet-using public), Facebook is considering adding a Dislike button to their platform. With “Like” as your only option since Facebook began, users have felt limited in their ability to react to posts, and the Dislike option has been the biggest request of all. This week, Mark Zuckerberg himself spoke about the upcoming developments, and clarified that they are building an “Empathy” button, to show support when a “Like” seems too frivolous.

For brands, this could mean an interesting shift in how customers interact with your business. Clearly, the intention for this new button is to react appropriately to tragedy and sad news. But how will customers use (or abuse?) this function on business pages? If you post about unfortunate company news, such as a location closing or storm damage, people can empathize. But how might it impact your ratings if customers “thumbs down” a post they just don’t like? The full impact remains to be seen once the update is released,

Instagram’s New Photo Sizes

Feeling boxed in by Instagram’s photo limits? Well be square no more – Instagram recently broke out of the box and introduced Portrait and Landscape-sized photo capabilities! No more struggling to find just the right angle or trying not to cut off the top of a tower while still capturing its base. While the square will remain the default, as Instagram’s signature size, the new formats will attract individuals and brands alike, especially for ads.

This update opens up a whole new world of options for businesses trying to promote and share their worlds on Instagram. Where you used to only have the option of square, you’ll now be able to toggle between the classic square, portrait, landscape, and video options in the app. Have a great wide-angle shot of your new store? Now you can share it! Have a line out the door for that big event you’re hosting? Now you can post it in full, and get the full effect.

New Study: You don’t want to be #1 in search

Everything we’ve ever learned about marketing and Google has told us that the ultimate goal is to reach the top spot on results pages. But, a new study released this week shows that it’s actually better to be #2 than #1. How? Rich snippets.

Adding media (like images or video) to your page markup allows those images to display in search results. Rich snippet results in Google searches have a 61% click rate in position #2 – a 26% increase in the clicks a second result sees, thanks to that added media! It’s time to add some code to your site and forget about driving to that top spot.

What tech and digital news caught your eye this week? How will these social and search news stories affect your business?

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