• This Week in Tech: Expensive Keywords, Google+ Changes, & #GOPDebate


There’s always something new and interesting happening in the digital space.

Whether it’s algorithms or feature launches or great data, we keep up with the news so you can put it to work for your business.

Here’s what’s new, This Week in Tech!

Google’s Most Expensive Keywords

Thinking about jumping into a search campaign? Wondering how much it’ll cost to go after a certain keyword that’s important to your business, or how competitive a keyword is? How about a comprehensive list of the most expensive keywords?

Whether you’re running a paid search campaign or researching your optimization strategy, this list could provide some key insights. Expensive keywords not only indicate what kind of budget you need for your PPC campaign, but can lend some clarity to just how long it might take to rank for those keywords organically.

The results? Competition is steep for keywords like car accidents and criminal lawyers, and personal injury lawyers take the cake with high-value key phrases in many locations.

Google+ is Changing

Always the newsmaker, Google is yet again in headlines this week. This time, news media are highlighting recent changes to the giant’s social media network Google+ and its relationships with other services.

As of this week, YouTube no longer requires a Google+ account for commenting – a change that received harsh criticism and backlash originally. For businesses, this could potentially mean higher engagement and commenting on their videos, as users no longer feel limited or discouraged from adding their thoughts.

Industry experts and Google employees alike have for some time agreed that the Google+ network did not perform as hoped. This shift in Google’s approach to a more focused social experience can only mean good things.

#GOPDebate – Social Politics

And of course, the big news in social media this week is the buzz surrounding last night’s first GOP debate in the run for president for 2016. If you weren’t sure about the power of social media in politics before, you sure can’t debate it now.

Last night, social networks – especially Twitter – were ablaze with commentary, jokes, and criticism as people watched the GOP debate with the top 10 republican candidates. People essentially live-tweeted their reactions to candidates’ responses, positive and negative, and built a massive trending conversation about the event.

Social media is a crucial venue for politicians and organizations, not just for businesses. It’s where people get their news, learn about things that matter to them, and connect with others. It will certainly only grow as we get closer to Election Day.

How did this week’s digital news impact your business?

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