• 26 Examples of Effective Website Call to Action Buttons

26 Examples of Effective Website Call to Action Buttons

To succeed with digital marketing, your business website should be at the center of your marketing strategy. Nearly every marketing campaign you run should point back to your website, where potential customers can learn more about your business and engage with it. The more encounters with your business, the more trust consumers build and the greater the chances they’ll convert into customers. Generating engagement with your business via your website requires having CTA’s, or calls to action. Here are several examples of effective call to action buttons for your website that will help you get your visitors traveling through your funnel.

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26 Examples of Effective Website Call to Action Buttons


Homepage Calls to Action

Shop Here

Encourage your homepage visitors to check out your products and services page with an eye-catching “shop here” button.


website CTA example shop here pet store online Red Dog Boston

Shop [Specific Product]

You may even want to encourage your website visitors to shop a specific item, as with the example below. In this case with Freedman Jewelers, he homepage rotates various images and highlights different product offerings.


website CTA examples freedman jewelers homepage shop specific product

Browse Our Products

Instead of simply asking website visitors to check out what you have to offer, surround your CTA with some context. Classic Catering and Events does a great job emphasizing their qualifications before asking you to browse their products.

website CTA examples browse our products CTA classic party rentals

View Our Featured Work

This type of CTA is good for businesses that have a portfolio of their work, such as interior designers, photographers, and renovators. Asking website visitors to “check out some of our latest and greatest work” shows your pride in your business and gets them excited about what you have to offer.

website CTA examples featured work view more


See it Yourself

Insight Squared’s “See it Yourself” CTA is a nice complement to the confident statements that surround it. They also give a second option of learning more for visitors who aren’t quite yet ready to commit to a free trial.


website CTA examples insight squared see it yourself


Contact Us

While you should have a Contact Us page on your website, it can’t hurt to have a Contact Us CTA on your homepage, as with this example below.

website CTA examples Boston Dog Company contact us button 2

website CTA examples contact us Vibrant Beauty sALON


Booking CTAs

If your business operates on appointments, such as with hair salons, nail salons, massages, and physical therapy, put a “book appointment” CTA on your homepage.

Book Appointment

Amaci salon surrounds their CTA with brief but complete description of their services, and then adds a touch of urgency with “book your appointment online today.”



Salon Euphoria accompanies their “book appointment” CTA with two effective statements: One that uncovers the benefit of booking online (saving time) and one that reduces uncertainty for new customers.

Both of these strategies encourage website visitors to click the CTA with confidence.


website CTA examples book appointment salon euphoria

Make a Reservation

You can also accompany your booking CTA with a statement that aligns with your brand messaging, like Red Dog Pet Resort below:

<h2<website CTA examples- make a reservation we care for your pet make a reservation-reddogpetresort.com


Social Sharing CTAs

Other CTAs to have on your small business website are social sharing buttons—especially on your business blog. Here are a few different ways to encourage your website visitors to spread the word.

Get Social

website CTAs- share on social get social

Keep in Touch

website CTAs- share on social keep in touch


Ways to Connect

website CTAs- share on social ways to connect


Love [business name]? Click “LIKE”!

website CTAs -like on social DIY crafts CTA

Popup Facebook Like CTA

website CTA social like on facebook CTA Healthy Holistic Living


Blog Subscribe CTAs

Your business blog is a great way to get found on Google and build trust with customers. Having a blog subscribe CTA is also a great lead generation tactic on your website.  Here’s a great CTA example by The Educator’s Spin On It. “Never miss a post!” adds some urgency to the messaging, and “Confirm you are human” puts a clever and transparent spin on the typical spam filter.

website CTA examples blog subscribe CTA theeducatorsspinonitdotcom


Free Trial CTAs

Here are a few different ways to encourage website visitors to try out your product or service.


Try It Out

You might try something simple, as with Join.me:

website CTA examples try it out CTA join.me

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial

Accompany your free trial button with the features or benefits of the package or product being offered, like Canva does below:

website CTA examples canva start your 30 day free trial


Contact Us CTAs

Depending on your business, your contact us CTA on your website may take different forms. For example:

Evaluate My Case

Instead of “submit” or “contact us”, Dane Shulman Associates, LLC  uses “Evaluate My Case” for their CTA button. This helps to reinforce the action being taken and build confidence in the person filling out the form.

website CTA examples contact us evaluate my case dan shulman law

Want Us to Contact You?

This is another way to reassure website visitors that you’ll return their contact us request.

website CTA examples Contact Us CTA office closed


Send Email

It may also be helpful to accompany your contact us form with a blurb that describes your products and services and what makes you unique. Happy Paws Pet Care uses this strategy as well as a “Send email” button that confirms for users that their request has been sent.

website CTA examples Happy Paws Pet Care contact us clear CTA send email


Request a Call Back

website CTA examples contact us clear CTA call me back


Get an Instant Quote

Informing website visitors that they will get an instant quote is a great way to distinguish your business from competitors with your website CTA.

website CTA examples get an instant quote incorporatemassage


Other Website CTAs

Here are some additional website CTA examples that you may include on your business website.

Fill Out Survey

website CTA examples- survey Adobe CTA


Access Now

website CTA examples access now CTA Jon Gordon

Let’s Talk

website cta examples let's talk balanced rock investment


Your business website will only help your business to generate leads if you give visitors clear instructions on how to engage. Use these website CTA examples as inspiration for your own and see just how effective your website can be.


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