• 20+ Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Ways to Repurpose Your Content (2)

Creating stellar content is not easy. It takes time, energy, and commitment. The good news is that once you’ve put together a brilliant blog post or presentation, it doesn’t have to waste away in some archive folder. Great content can find new life in a different form, like it’s been reincarnated. There are several benefits to repurposing content, so we’re going to help you get started with these 23 repurposing ideas.

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Ways to Repurpose Your Content (2)

How to Repurpose Blog posts

A blog can be the corner post of your content strategy, but just because you originally shared your ideas in a blog post, that doesn’t mean it has to stay in that form. Here are 8 ways to breathe new life into your best articles.

eBooks or Guides

By combining several thematically linked posts, you can build a more robust resource for your readers. You could take these posts, edit them a bit for continuity, and create “A Complete Guide to X.” This type of guide or eBook makes an excellent content upgrade, helps position you as an authority, and can help you to generate leads online.

Roundup Posts

A roundup post on a common topic will not go into depth on any particular point, but it can link back to the original post that really dives into the details. Since you’ve already produced the original content, you just need to pull out the highlights for each point. The roundup is perfect for readers who need an overview, and it provides an opportunity for lots of internal linking.

Charts or Infographics

You can extract points from a blog post and transform them into a visual medium, one that is succinct and shareable. It’s an effective way to reach a wider audience on more visual social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

Slide Decks

Turn blog posts into slide decks for presentations (workshops, seminars, etc.). The same key points that make a great infographic also work well in slide format. If you can condense the core of a blog post into just a few lines, you’ve got the workings of a presentation that you can deliver live or as a video or PDF.

Tweet the Takeaways

Pull key stats, quotes, or powerful phrases from your blog and turn them into Twitter posts. These tweets provide the highlights of a post and can stand on their own. But they can also help drive traffic to the original post.

Newsletter Material

Incorporate your blog posts into your email newsletter. Your list doesn’t necessarily see every post you publish. So you can repurpose your blog post images in your newsletter, which can create continuity among your different content avenues. It’s also an effective place to link back to appropriate blog posts.

Social Bookmarking Submissions

Submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites.While you typically want to publish content on your own site first, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of another site’s audience. Sites like Reddit, Digg, Delicious andStumbleUpon are all options for getting your content in front of more eyes without needing to write a completely new post.

Content Syndication Network Submissions

Submit your blog posts to content syndication networks. These networks provide another way to expand the reach of your post through pay per click campaigns.

How to Repurpose eBooks

Now that you’ve created an authoritative eBook (maybe from repurposed blog content), you want to put that information in front of as many eyes as possible. If you invest just a little, you can transform your digital resource into a tangible asset. Here are a few ways to repurpose your eBooks:

Event Handouts

A printed eBook becomes a useful, memorable business card at conferences or other events.

Welcome Gift

An eBook on a basic concept in your business is a fantastic resource for new customers. While you could send it digitally, people love getting something other than junk mail in their mailboxes. A printed beginner’s guide will have much more impact as a welcome gift to new customers.

How to Repurpose Social Media Content

Social media helps you reach new customers and foster existing relationships. But you don’t have to limit that interaction to a single post on the social media platforms. Here are 3 creative ways to use that content.

Create a Customer Love Page

Fans and happy customers like to use social media to share their experiences with you. Take screenshots of those positive posts and compile them on a page full of authentic testimonials.

Repost Previous Posts

The shelf life of a given photo or videos is short. So repost actionable content every few months to reach a new audience. Your current followers likely won’t notice, and it will help grow your fanbase.

Invest in Your Popular Posts

Well-performing social media posts can only do so much organically. If you know one is a winner, turn it into an ad or a pinned or promoted post to expand your reach.

How to Repurpose Event Content

Meeting your audience face-to-face (either digitally or in person) is one of the best ways to make an impression. It is also resource-intensive. Rather than letting those events fade into the background, keep the momentum going by repurposing your event content. Here are 10 ways to get started:

Use Invites as Decor

You had a beautiful invitation designed for the event, so mark the occasion with a framed printout. You can hang it up in your store or office to create a conversation piece for clients. If they attended the event, it will spark good memories of your company. If they didn’t, it might pique their curiosity.

Create a Photo Album

Print pictures from events and compile them into a physical album. This is another compelling conversation piece that increases your authority in a subtle and fun way.

Website and Blog Pictures

Use pictures from events on website pages to replace stock photography: A savvy visitor can tell when your site is filled with models and actors instead of real people. Event pictures can make your website more personal and friendly.

Expert Advice eBook or Guide

Create an expert advice eBook or guide: Events are a useful venue for interviewing experts. You can turn those interviews into a expert guide.

Turn Webinars into Video Tutorials

Even though webinars are typically live events that allow you to interact with your audience, you can use that material to create evergreen video tutorials. Those recorded tutorials can help educate your audience or even be developed into a course.

Blog Posts from Interviews

Create blog posts from conversations. Often, chat conversations or live interactions help you understand exactly what confuses your customers. If you see questions frequently, you likely have more people wondering the same thing. So turn your answers into blog posts to expand their reach.

More Ways to Repurpose Content

Here are some last ideas on repurposing other marketing content for your business:

Create Content from Internal Data

The information you gather at events and with customer interactions make excellent thought leadership pieces, blog posts, charts, or infographics.

Share Your Content on Social Media Groups

Your followers would like to see your information, but so would members of other groups that you’re a member of. Just be sure to build relationships there and provide value so you don’t come off as spammy.

Before and After Pictures

Use Pinterest to share images from your portfolio or before and after pictures. Your work can provide inspiration to those who see it. It can also bring you more visitors.

Slide Decks into eBooks

Turn slide decks from seminars or webinars into eBooks. The visually stimulating and informative slides you created for your presentation can make an excellent eBook or tutorial. You might need to add some additional text, but most of the work is probably already finished.

As you can see, the possibilities of repurposing content are essentially endless. With a little bit of planning, you can use content in different media and across various platforms. You’ve already put the work into the initial creation, so now you need to wring it like a sponge.

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