• 7 Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

How to Promote Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It has millions of active users. By joining, you open the door for your business to reach a good deal of your target market. However, you can’t simply start posting and expect the masses to begin following you. In addition to regularly posting quality content, you need to promote your account.

Of course, there are many ways to go about that but consider just seven.

How to Promote Your Instagram Account

7 Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

1. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

You’re most likely using other social networks and, if that’s the case, you can use it to your advantage. Mention your Instagram account to your followers on those other platforms. You could use direct CTA’s, the link in your Instagram bio, or share your latest Instagram photos and videos.

Since many people are active on more than one social network, you can likely persuade some to follow you on Instagram as well.

2. Leverage Your Family and Friends

It’s especially smart to leverage family and friends if you’re just starting to build your presence on Instagram. Connecting with family and friends could encourage them to point others in your direction. Also, when they engage with you by liking or commenting, their followers may discover your business’ account.

3. Prioritize Engagement

The more you interact, the more exposure you generate for your business. For one, you should be engaging with current and potential followers. Respond to comments as often as possible and perhaps even follow back or like the posts of your supporters.

Additionally, take opportunities to interact with other businesses and influencers. Not only will this give you exposure but it’ll also make the way for potential partnerships that could be even more beneficial.

4. Request and Share User-Generated Content

Sharing content created by your followers can also be a great way to promote your Instagram account. Or rather, it’s a great way to get followers to promote it. Those who have their content shared will likely re-post it for their followers to see, giving you more exposure.

Too, requesting user-generated content could result in your followers tagging others who aren’t yet following you but might want to submit a photo or video. In the process, many others can also be exposed to your business.

5. Take Advantage of a Trend

Trends do come and go but while they’re popular, they can be powerful tools for you. This could be something as simple as using a new Instagram feature or something as silly as doing the latest viral challenge.

A humorous approach to trends is especially useful when it comes to getting people to repost your Instagram content, thus getting your name out there. Plus, using corresponding hashtags can drastically increase your reach.

6. Always Use #Hashtags!

Yes, hashtags are an essential part of Instagram marketing success. Using them in each post, as well as in your Stories will help you attract interested individuals and grow your following. But make sure to be balanced in your use of them.

You don’t need to use 30 hashtags per post; the most relevant ones will do and they’ll attract a higher quality audience in the end anyway. Too, it’s best to avoid gimmicky tags like #followme and #like4like. These aren’t going to attract much of your target audience. In fact, this approach could come off as desperate, diminish your authority, and repel the people you want to attract.

7. Give Promotional Updates

Are you holding an online or in-store sale? Is a popular item of yours back in stock? Are you introducing a brand new product or service? These are all things you can share on Instagram and create excitement about. Excitement creates engagement and results in re-posts, both of which boost exposure.

While it can be beneficial to share these kinds of updates periodically, be careful not to bombard your audience. You never want people to feel pressured into purchasing or to think you only care about making sales. Balance promotional content with other types including informational or fun posts.

Start Promoting Your Instagram Account

Now that you have some ideas on how to promote your account, why not develop a plan? You could choose a method or two you’d like to try, set a specific goal and date, and see how much you can grow your following. Granted, it may take you a little time to figure out just how to make these methods work for your specific audience. Yet, starting to work toward a goal now will get you that much closer to where you want to be down the road.


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