• 15 Ways To Improve Your Visibility on Social Media and Business Directories

15 Ways to Improve Your Business Social Media and Directory Profiles

Getting more exposure and winning new customers is the top goal for any local businesses, and making sure your business is visible online plays a key part. You might have already spent time and money on SEO (search engine optimization) to get your business found in search engines, but don’t forget that consumers today don’t only use Google to find businesses. They’re also using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and online directories like Yelp. Here are 15 tips to improve your social media profiles and directory listings that will help your business get found by more of the right people.

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15 Ways to Improve Your Business Social Media and Directory Profiles

15 Tips to Get Found on Social Media and Business Directories

Include a Link to Your Website in Your Bios

Make sure your business website is listed on your social profiles and test the links to make sure they work. Your website is the place customers use to find more information about your business, and they typically view the events, specials, and hours you post there as the most accurate info. Plus, links to your website from major social sites are also regarded by Google as quality inbound links, which can help to give your website more relevance and improve its ranking on Google.

Maintain Your Logo

Upload your logo to your social profiles where possible. A professional, high-quality logo helps you gain credibility. If the logo is missing, customers may not recognize your business and may raise the question whether this is an official and active page for your business. This is especially important if your business name is similar to that of other businesses, which happens frequently.

Make sure you use the same logo across sites. Maintaining a consistent business logo on your social and review pages builds brand recognition and helps customers feel confident that they’ve found the right business.

Check Your Hours

As a small business, you should make sure your hours of operation are listed on your social and review sites so customers don’t need to search around for it elsewhere. It’s a critical piece of information that gives customers the reassurance that you’re open for business when they plan to visit.

Compare your hours of operation on your social and review pages and make sure they’re correct and consistent. Don’t forget to change them on your listings if you make seasonal changes.

Keep Your Contact Information Consistent

Be sure that your business name, address, phone number, and website link are listed correctly and consistently on all of your social and review profiles so that customers can easily find and reach you. This helps to improve your SEO and reduces the risk of losing potential customers due to any confusion.

Enable Messenger

Set up Yelp and Facebook messenger to make it easy for customers and potential customers to get in touch with you. Make sure your response time isn’t longer than around 1-3 hours.

Include your Menu and Products

Add your menus and product listings where possible, and update it as your menu evolves.

Use Facebook Booking and Reservations

If you run a restaurant or service-based business, considering adding booking and reservation capabilities to your Facebook and Yelp pages so customers can quickly make an appointment to visit your business. This is a great way to quickly capture customers.

Use the Facebook Call to Action

Add a CTA to your Facebook business page that prompts customers to ‘Book Now’, ‘Call Now’, or ‘Send Email’, for example. Once you’ve created the CTA button, you can track the number of people who have clicked on it.

Add Attributes

Some platforms like Yelp enable users to filter by specific attributes. Make use of these attributes to give customers a good idea of what to expect at your business and to show up in searches being performed by your most likely customers.

Yelp attributes you can include payment methods, parking info, outdoor seating, and much more. Visit your page and look above your business description on your Yelp page. The more info about your business you include here, the better.

Get More Reviews

The more positive chatter about your business, the higher it will rank in searches and in potential customers’ minds. Ask happy customers to leave reviews, especially on Facebook and Google.

Check Engagement

Keep an eye on social activity by your customers, such as reviews, posts, comments, and mentions. Be sure to respond in a timely fashion to reviews and customer questions.

Encourage Check-Ins

Encourage customers to check in at your business and post pictures of their experiences there for word-of-mouth marketing.

Pick Specific Categories

Choosing the right categories for your social pages, review profiles, and maps listings helps you get found more often by more of the right people. If you pick a specific category, your business will be included in searches for the specific category and for the overarching category. For example, pick “American (New)” and not “Restaurant” on Yelp.

Monitor Your Categories

Make sure the categories for your business are correct. This seems obvious, but many sites now allow visitors to suggest changes, so a frequent review of your categories helps you to stay in control.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors. See what they’re posting to social media and what customers are saying about them. You can find ideas for inspiration and also opportunities to meet needs they aren’t meeting.

Take a look at your social and review profiles—such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, and Yelp, and see what you need to update and fine-tune. Then get ready to engage with more customers.


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