• 17 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

One thing that will never disappear from your to-do list: Find a way to get more customers. If this isn’t constantly at the back of your brain then you’ve got an entirely different issue so listen up! Before we start getting into the various ways to generate leads for your business, let’s make one thing very clear. Your goal is not to make an instant sale and if you don’t you’ve failed.  Your primary goal should be to identify and nurture viable leads who would eventually turn into paying customers. Take a look at the list below for ideas on how you can start generating new leads today.

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Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

17 Lead Generation Ideas for Your Business

1) Have a Website

Duh, right? Well, not really. You may be surprised at how many small businesses don’t see the value in investing in a website but they’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with potential clients. Your website acts as a method of collecting contact information from new and even existing clients. Offering a call to action around subscribing to a blog or opting in to receive email newsletters and promotions allows you to capture valuable data from your site visitors. Also, a ‘contact us’ page is virtually like shooting fish in a barrel since anyone who fills out that form is telling you they’re interested in what you’re selling. Without a website, you’d miss these inquiries entirely.

2) Create a Blog

Reach an untapped market by providing information on topics your ideal customer base finds valuable. Provide insight only a professional could offer and educate them on helpful resources.

3) Go Beyond a Blog

Already have a business blog? Great! Take it a step further and aim to become a thought leader in your field by producing original ebooks, white papers and infographics.

4) Email Marketing

Remember that one of the benefits of having a website was the ability to collect people’s contact information. Once you have their info, run an email marketing campaign geared toward first-time customers. Invite them to visit your shop for a product tutorial or a discount to use toward their first purchase.

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5) Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful lead generation tool. Tips to maximize your efforts in generating leads on various platforms:

  • Respond to comments
  • Use short, creative videos to describe your product
  • Utilize fun hashtags
  • Run contests
  • Hold a referral campaign
  • Post discount codes
  • Direct users toward gated content (information that required them to fill out a contact form before they can access)

6) Success Stories

Don’t be shy when it comes to sharing stories from your happiest clientele. New customers are far more likely to give you a go if they repeatedly hear that you’re a quality business. Whether you choose to promote your success stories via an email campaign, a social media post or on your website be sure to include a solid CTA to further engage your potential customer.

7) Live Chat

Few things make a person more at ease doing business with you than speaking to a live person. With people relying on their typing skills more and more to communicate, add a chat function to your website or direct message people on social media so that they feel they’ve got your undivided attention.

8) Online Advertising

The number of people you can reach on the web is practically infinite. Invest in search engine marketing (SEM) to get you in front of your target audience. Once again, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer marketing tools with robust targeting options to ensure you’re reaching the right prospects.

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9) Video

Creative videos about your company, products or even employees can pull people in quite effectively. Create product demos, get to know the owner, take a tour of our shop, etc. videos and use them during various marketing campaigns.

10) Influencers

Reach out to key influencers in your market to piggyback on their success. As to interview them for a blog post, ask them to guest post or ask to guest post on their blog. This mutually beneficial relationship will provide new leads to both parties.

11) Host Events

Events are a fun way to interact with people face to face. Invite current customers to attend with a ‘bring a friend’ CTA or host a mixer for new clientele exclusively. Have a way to collect attendee information so you can follow up thanking them for coming and invite them back.

12) Attend Events

Don’t expect people to always come to you! Get out around town and attend some networking events to not only meet potential customers but to also create relationships with industry peers who may be able to drive leads in your direction.

13) Partner with Local Businesses

Most small businesses in your area are dealing with the same challenges, so why not help each other out! Look for a company that compliments your services and create a joint campaign or host an event together to cross-pollinate with your respective customer base.

14) Referral Programs

Establish a referral program with your existing customers to generate new leads. Offering them perks for making referrals not only strengthens your relationship with them but also gets new blood through the door.

15) Run a Contest

Put together a contest exclusive to new customers. The best way to get the word out will be via email or social media. Include stipulations like “must be a first time customer to qualify” and require that they share your posts, bring a flyer into your store in order to enter, fill out a contact form, etc. So many options here!

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16) Local Press or Media Coverage

Local news outlets regularly feature small businesses on their morning shows … and it’s free! Reach out to local TV and radio stations and find out how to get on air. There’s something about being on TV and radio that quickly establishes your legitimacy.

17) Direct Mail

It’s not over for direct mail campaigns just yet! There’s an entire population of people that are not online and the only way to reach them is through snail mail. Create an interesting postcard with a CTA and consider including a promotional code to be used instore.

Final Tips for Generating Leads for Your Business

Take advantage of all marketing options available to you and don’t solely rely on the same mediums like your blog or social media. Before driving traffic to your website, store or otherwise take a quick look at your branding strategy. Is it authentic, unique, transparent and interesting? What about your website and blog content? If not, reevaluating this should be your first step. Happy hunting!



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