• Virtual Brick and Mortar: What is your digital first impression?


When consumers shop on Main Street, what do they look for in their local store? When consumers need a local service, what do they expect from that provider?

A pleasurable experience includes quality product/service, convenience, and knowledgeable, courteous staff. For the consumer to remain loyal or give a referral, a good first impression is vital.

A store owner must ensure that their storefront is clean, tidy, well designed, has good signage, is easy to find (location, location, location!), and is well stocked with product and knowledge. A service business must provide the same level of attention to detail and expertise.

Whether you have thought about your online strategy or environment this way before or not, you DO own a virtual brick and mortar.

Whether it is a listing on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MerchantCircle, Yelp, CitySearch, or Foursquare, to name a few, or a social media environment (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube), or just your own website, you have a new front door to your business or service.

You remember the old saying, “You only have one shot at a first impression?” What is your digital first impression?

Cyberspace is Main Street, USA and you have opened up shop (whether you meant to or not). In fact, it is open 24/7, open while you sleep.

With the explosion of the internet, a great deal of confusion and competition exists for local businesses. There is also a great deal of opportunity. The digital age has created new revenue for a many businesses. Has it for you? It can and should.

Remember: Business Listing online? BANG!! Storefront. Website? BANG!! Storefront. Mobile site? BANG!! Storefront. Social Media page? BANG!! Storefront.

What is the appearance of those virtual storefronts? Is the sidewalk clean? How does the sign look? Is it informative? Is it easy to get to? Make sure your online presence is looked after just as much as your physical location would be.

It is crucial that your business or service is found when people search online and it is equally important that your information is available and accurate. Make the user engagement a good experience.

You should be commended for the courage and determination it takes to open and run a local business. The world we live in today does not make that undertaking easy. The last thing you want to do is to compound it by burying your head in the digital sand.

Be where your current and next customer is – where they search, where they shop, where they communicate.


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