• Viral Video Marketing- Roundup of 2013

Today, June 30th, 2014, is Social Media Day! Social media is everywhere and in everything we do from the corner store to the big box retailer, New York City to Small Town, USA. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Social Media Day today!...

Viral VideoHere at ThriveHive, we love touting the power of video for marketing. Video is a great way to really connect with your audience and show them what your business is all about. As the year draws to a close, it’s fun to take a look back at all the great promotional videos that came out. Some of these are funny, some are compelling, some might even make you cry a little.

Epic Split (Volvo Trucks)

This video for Volvo’s commercial truck division quickly went viral and spawned a wave of parodies. No really, go Google “epic split” and laugh your face off. Why was it so effective? Combine an eye-popping stunt with “The Muscles From Brussels”, Jean Claude Van Damme, and it was pretty much guaranteed.

Never Give Up (DDP Yoga)

Ok so this video actually came out in 2012, but it went viral in 2013, skyrocketing to over 10 million views. That kind of exposure quickly took a little-known workout routine created by a retired professional wrestler and made it one of the top fitness products of the year. It was even featured on the likes of the Today show and Good Morning America. Why was it so successful? Once you watch, you’ll get it.

Ship My Pants (KMart)

This commercial was on TV for maaaaybe a week, but continued to make the rounds online. And why not? For years there’s been little to get excited about when it came to KMart, so what better way to announce their free online shipping than with an uncharacteristically hilarious commercial?

Farmer (Ram Trucks)

For many people, the Superbowl is about one thing- the ads. The most memorable among them tend to be the ones with the biggest budgets and loudest laughs. This ad for Ram trucks takes a much more simple approach to reaching their target market. Nothing flashy here, just a powerful message.

Hump Day (Geico)

I didn’t want to include this one in the list, I really didn’t. I’ve seen this so many times it drives me nuts. I cannot, however, deny the cultural impact this commercial has had. I still regularly hear bellows of “Hump DAY-YEAH!” during my Wednesday commutes.

Labels Against Women (Pantene)

Like the Dove commercials using plus-size models to send a message instead of showing their product, Pantene reaches their audience by challenging gender bias in this very compelling ad. And of course everyone in it has awesome hair.

The Fox (Ylvis)

Making it in the music business is hard. Really hard. In the age of YouTube and declining production costs, video is becoming an ideal way for unknown bands to get their music in front of the right people, especially when they have nearly 300 million views.

And just for fun, the last three are seasonally inspired.

Misunderstood (Apple)

Apple’s advertising has always taken the approach of humanizing something that can seem a little too inhuman for some, by showing the ways technology can enrich our lives and bring us together. This commercial follows the all-too-familiar image of a young man wandering through scenes of his family enjoying themselves around him, seemingly isolated from the holiday goings on. And then they add a twist.

Christmas Miracle (WestJet)

Canadian airline WestJet put together an awesome marketing stunt that just might bring a tear to your eye. Watch as WestJet employees scramble to make a few Christmas wishes come true.

Oreo Cookie Balls Song feat. JINX (Oreo)

Since those last two might make you a little misty, lets end with something fun. For this holiday season, Oreo shares a creative recipe with the help of hip-hop star JINX. It’s cute, it’s catchy, and it inspired my own contribution to ThriveHive’s holiday potluck this year. The recipe is simple too!

Those are our favorite promotional videos this year. Did we miss any of yours? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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