• Video for Small Business – How and Why to Do It

Use Youtube to help your business

We’ve been telling our customers for ages that they should create a video and post it on their website. “It’s too expensive!” they said. “It’s too hard!” they cried. Well, to make a point we made this video… about making a video.

Let’s look at the main points of the video.

Benefits of Video

Video is good for engagement

People love video. A typical person is far more likely to sit and watch a one minute video than they are to read a long description of a product or service. Youtube is one of the most trafficked sites on the web for a reason.

Video is good for SEO

Google started paying much closer attention to user experience when they made their Panda update last year. Things that improve user experience, like video, can have a positive effect on your rankings.

Challenges to Making a Video


Some business owners think you need a huge budget to make a video. Not so. Sure a big budget can get you something extremely impressive that makes your business look like a million bucks, but you’d be surprised how well you can do with hardly any budget at all. Introducing your product or service can be done practically for nothing, so let them speak for themselves. Better yet, let your customers speak for you! Testimonials are free and worth way more than special effects.


Some of us have a video camera at home. When you’re not using it at your kid’s soccer games, try using it for your business. Most cameras sold today have a way to connect to your computer, where you’ll be able to load your footage for editing. Speaking of editing, there’s plenty of free and easy to use editing software available online, and Macs come with some editing software included free. Youtube even has a free video editor built in.

Don’t have a video camera? Look in your pocket. Smartphones have had video ability for years, and you can even download an editing app. You can shoot, edit and upload to Youtube all from the palm of your hand.


None of this should be terribly hard to do yourself. Most editing software is drag & drop, so you can just put the shots you want where you want them. Need help? Ask around. Someone in your network can help, and might even do it free.

Video doesn’t need to be intimidating. You don’t need a huge budget or fancy equipment to make a good introduction to your product or service and the people that make it happen. Most importantly, making a video is fun! So grab your camera, download an app, and unleash your inner director. Your business will be better for it.


  1. Thanks Chris. Great points that we all need to be reminded of…I have been guilty of losing out on the great SEO benefits of video and am committed to bringing video to my marketing plan for 2013 in a big way. Thanks.

  2. Diane Marcus says:

    Thanks Chris,
    I ‘ll try to make this my number one priority.

  3. Rauf Zeynalov says:

    Visual marketing is essential for every business to convert people into customers, and videos are major assets for businesses. The advantage is that, it appeals both in audio and visual senses, and most of the audience does not even realize that they are being targeted with an ad. Because, at all times, videos contain potential information and it is fun and entertaining. We all carry our smartphones at all times and connected to web, watching youtube, listening Pandora, slacker or playing games. And videos are popping up, which make the users getting used to receive information through a video. Therefore, I totally agree with you Chris that the businesses who lack video content in their web site, are actually missing out in delivering their product or service to their audience.

  4. Eric says:

    Chris, EXCELLENT article, thanks! Our company is fighting the common misconception that video is expensive, for TV, and only for large corporations. My question is… how would you recommend marketing to smaller businesses that think that way? -Eric at SEVideo 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Glad you liked the article, Eric. Did you watch the video as well?

      To answer your question, I would focus on how inexpensive and easy it can be to create a video. It doesn’t have to be a super fancy, it just has to introduce your business, introduce your product/service, and tell me why I want to buy from you. I’d also remind them that, technically, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web. Video is not just for TV.

      So to review:

      • It’s not hard
      • It’s less expensive than you think
      • It belongs on your website

      Good luck!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Great video! I recently began creating some short videos for my visitors. I am an information website…so my challenge (other than procrastinating actually making a video! 😉 ) is….what to talk about…….what to focus on. Should it be a video version of the “About Us” page…..who we are, how we meet our visitors needs? This definitely gave me food for thought! Thanks!

    • Emily Weisberg says:

      Hi Cheryl! Congrats on making the jump to include video in your marketing. In terms of what to do, I would think about what your readers would be interested in. I took a look at your website an there’s a ton of great content already! An About Me welcome video would be great to include but I would also consider including video of your themes and plans in action. You provide creative ideas for teachers and video of these activities would be an easy way for people to more closely follow along with your instructions or more easily conceptualize the activity. How-to videos or video of a teacher doing the activity with a child would be a good starting point. Remember to get permission from the parents for any videos of children and please let me know how it goes!

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