• Four Reasons Video Advertising Works

Why Video Advertising Works

Video marketing combines many of the greatest features of effective advertising (visual appeal, emotional connections, storytelling, etc.) in a versatile package. Videos can deliver your message in fifteen seconds or fifteen minutes depending on your needs. If you want to reach and engage more customers, video advertising should play a key role in your strategy. Here are four reasons why video is so effective.

Why Video Advertising Works

Videos Create Connections through Emotions

Since video it reaches viewers through audio and visual stimulation, it is one of the best ways to create an emotional connection to your audience.

Sometimes, visitors become clients because they see you as the logical choice. More often, however, they are moved by an emotional connection. They choose you because it feels right. Then they come up with the logical reasons to support that choice.

With video marketing, you can quickly capture audience attention through videos that entertain, inform, and move your audience. The connections made through video remain long after the video has finished and set the stage for you to build a long-term relationship with a potential client.

As the first step in building trust, video helps establish you as an expert, one with the client’s needs in mind. Video allows you to create this foundation much more quickly than with text or other visual content.

Storytelling Builds Brand Awareness

Even the most surprising statistic might catch a visitor’s eye, but it is likely not going to stick in their memory if presented by itself. Stories, on the other hand, are inherently interesting and help keep your brand top of mind for the viewer.

Because it incorporates moving images and sound, video is one of the best vehicles for storytelling. It allows you to present a brief (but coherent) story that the viewer can easily relate to. When presented with a story, particularly one with tension or conflict, we naturally want to find out how it resolves. Thus, a well-crafted story keeps our attention.

Using videos to tell stories helps convey your brand message without sounding gimmicky or overbearing. Instead of simply listing features and benefits, you present examples with characters that the viewer can identify with.

This type of outreach takes a little more work, but you likely have all the materials for your stories already. Simply use actual customer testimonials, or create a fictional narrative based on what your happy customers have said about your product or service.

Creating these stories through video helps distinguish you from your competitors who still rely on bullet points to create connections.

Videos Work Well on Multiple Platforms

Designing content to fit various screen sizes and input styles (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.) can cause headaches for content development. This is especially true for media that incorporates text and graphics.

Video content resolves many of these issues, however, because it is well-suited for many devices and displays. Interacting with videos on a mobile device is second nature for younger demographics, and it is fairly intuitive for those less familiar with using mobile devices. When that content moves to a larger screen, it still looks great and captivates your audience.

You will want to keep in mind that viewers might not have audio turned on at the beginning of a video, especially when marketing on social media. To compel viewers to pay attention to your content, the beginning moments of your videos should be visually enticing and not rely too much on spoken information. You can also use on-screen text to present the information in multiple formats.

Great Videos Earn Respect from Customers

It is important to note that not all video advertising is effective. As with many forms of advertising, many marketers take the quantity over quality approach. They believe that the brand with the most video ads wins. Unfortunately, these ads quickly become white noise to the viewer. Instead of making an impact, they just appear to be begging for attention, and viewers quickly tune them out.

Since you don’t want to blend in with the noise, and since you want engagement and not just attention, you should focus instead on quality.

Quality video ads grab the viewer’s attention because they tend to stand out among all the cheaply produced content out there. They are also more likely to stay with viewers and positively reflect your brand. This means higher conversion that brings in better leads.

A high-quality video ad earns the respect of your audience because it provides value and is interesting or entertaining. Instead of asking for attention, you’ve shown that you deserve it. This leads to more trust and clients coming to you for solutions.

This doesn’t meant that you need to burn through your entire marketing budget on production. It does mean that you want to focus on quality storytelling, effective visuals, and making emotional connections.

If you aren’t currently utilizing the power of video marketing in your strategy, you should start now. All it takes is one video to introduce you and your audience to the power of video. Then, as you expand, maintain a focus on quality and connection.


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