• 5 Video Advertising Trends of 2018 and How to Keep Up

Video Advertising Trends and How to Keep Up

We’ve been working on expanding our video marketing offerings over the past six months, and are excited to finally share that we are now a one-stop-shop for all of your video needs, from production to distribution. Read on to learn more about the rising importance of video advertising and how you can keep up.

Video Advertising Trends and How to Keep Up

Video Advertising in 2018

New TV Buying Habits

Each spring, usually in the month of May, TV networks host their biggest advertisers in flashy showcases known as the “upfronts” (Source: Recode) From these showcases, networks look to secure the majority of their advertising revenue for the next 12 months, until the next spring when they do it all over again. Despite the continued decrease in traditional TV viewership over the last decade, brands and advertisers have sustained their buying habits. 2018, however, looks to finally be the year where this trend reverses. The tide of TV buying is shifting toward a more efficient solution, and one that ThriveHive is primed to help advertisers engage with: Connected TV.


Connected TV advertising is very similar to traditional programmatic TV advertising, with the caveat that the network content is not delivered in a linear way to viewers. In the past, viewers would scramble to their TV sets at 7 PM to watch the latest episode of Seinfeld, but today, far fewer people are watching prime content when it originally airs. Instead, consumers are increasingly reliant on streaming services like Hulu, Roku, Sling TV, as well as a host of proprietary network apps to access their desired content.

Viewing on Multiple Devices

This allows viewers to access content at their convenience, whenever their schedule allows. This behavioral shift also allows viewers to access content on their desired device, which could take the form of a Connected TV device (i.e. Apple TV), mobile device (smartphone/tablet), or a computer (laptop/desktop).

Demographic Variations

TV advertising remains a strong medium for targeting the 65+ demographic, but all other age groups are rapidly turning to digital delivery mediums. Across the board, US consumers watched an average of 23 fewer hours of traditional TV in 2017 relative to 2010—a 16% decrease (Source: Redef). Drilling down into specific age groups, the 18 – 24 demographic watched an average of 58 fewer traditional TV hours, a 51% decrease (Source: Redef). These statistics point to a behavioral sea-change for virtually all Americans, and as brands increasingly look to connect with millennial and teen audiences, ad dollars are beginning to siphon toward digital-first entertainment solutions (Source: NY Times).

Where ThriveHive Comes In

Over the last 6 months, ThriveHive has taken a formidable step forward in digital video advertising. With our new turnkey video advertising solutions, ThriveHive now has the capacity to provide cinema-grade videography services at a competitive price point. In pairing those high-quality production services with digital distribution, ThriveHive customers have access to the dynamic targeting capabilities that these cutting-edge platforms have to offer. By adding Connected TV to that product set, ThriveHive has rounded out its video advertising capabilities to reflect the market trends. Whether you are an experienced TV advertiser or someone looking to make your first investment in the visual medium, ThriveHive is poised to help your business launch into the future of advertising. With a robust network of highly vetted videographer talent, we can shoot a video session in any market across the country. Once we shoot the video for you, we will run it on the platform(s) of your selection. Let ThriveHive help your business leverage the most effective branding tool available in video. We are ready to see you thrive!

ThriveHive combines easy-to-use tools and expert guidance to help businesses stand out and get found online. Learn more about our guided marketing and advertising solutions here.

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