• Unique Business Card Ideas

Unique Business Card Ideas

Business cards (a tried and true offline marketing method) have long been a staple keepsake for any business owner to have. Today, they’re just as important as they were in the past, but with the digital age keeping people glued to their devices, your cards need to have some serious wow factor. The truth is, plain and boring business cards simply don’t cut it anymore. A business card is the first taste you give to customers that illustrates your brand personality so give it some zest! To help you come up with the perfect business card that people will keep and show off, consider some of the below characteristics that you can make unique to your business.

Unique Business Card Ideas

Material and Texture

Everybody is used to the same business cards… the simple, boring, and all too familiar white card. This doesn’t need to be the case! Changing material and texture makes your business card an experience for the consumer. For example, if you’re the owner of a laundromat, consider giving your business card some flair with fabric incorporated.


The shape of your business card doesn’t have to be limited to a standard rectangle. In fact, some of the most memorable business cards deviate from this. Are you a liquor store owner? Consider having your business card in the shape of a bottle of wine. Are you a designer, printer, author, etc.? Incorporate pop-up graphics that fold out of your card. The shape of your business card should help give people an idea of what makes your business different, so consider straying from the traditional business card shape.


Color is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your business’s style and tone. Depending on your industry and style, color can convey what your business is trying to say before they read it. Consider the following meanings behind color:

  • Red – The color of passion, excitement, and bold ideas
  • Yellow – Projects warmth and optimism
  • Purple – Is creative and imaginative
  • Blue – Dependable and trustful, blue is also the most commonly used color for branding
  • Green – Is the color of growth and health
  • Black and White – Conveys a timeless brand


On the same line as color, adding images to your card is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition and convey your brand. For example, a general contractor might incorporate the imagery of a blueprint into their card.


Originality is the name of the game, and what better way to make your card original than to make it useful. People tend to keep business cards stowed away where they’re easily forgotten. If yours is useful though, your card will make it into the daily lives of the people you give them to, much like promotional merchandise does.

Include something people can use: rulers, measurement conversions, recipes, etc. There was even a hacker that incorporated a functioning lock pick set as his card. Make it useful and you’ll make it memorable!

Your business card is a tiny billboard. It demonstrates what your brand is and what makes your business special. A good business card intrigues people, and convinces them to check your business out. A boring business card is easily forgettable, so make yours stand out using these tips!


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