• Unique and Clever CTA Examples for Marketing Inspiration

No matter how great your products and services are, your business is only going to be as successful as your ability to market it. That is, describe it in the right way to the right people. That is, to get them to want to act. Calls to action exist everywhere— on your website, social media ads, social media posts, blog posts, email campaigns, and more.  If you’re getting bored with your CTAs, take a look at these unique and clever examples for marketing inspiration.

 Unique and Clever CTA Examples for Marketing Inspiration

Bonobos- Shop Now

This “Shop now” CTA button stands out with a bold color that goes with the scheme of the rest of the image, but our favorite part about it is the punny phrase that comes before it. Using a play on words to spice up your content is always a great way to make your brand appealing and stick out.


Uncommon Goods- Email Subscribe CTA

Letting your email subscribers in on exclusive offers is a great way to get more of them. Uncommon Goods does a great job here of emphasizing exclusivity with “Can you keep a secret?” and “Secret sales are only announced to our email subscribers”. Also, the “sign me up” call to action button is bolder and in a larger font than the “no thanks” option.

unique creative clever CTA examples secret sales uncommon goods

Shutterstock, Inc- Email Newsletter CTA

What we like about this email signup CTA is the emphasis on respecting your inbox. Shutterstock wants their audience to know that they know how it is: people are hesitant to sign up for email lists because they don’t want to get bombarded or spammed. This CTA makes it clear that they will only be delivering top-notch content in their emails.

unique creative clever CTA examples sacred place shutterstock.com

Mindbodygreen- Email Signup CTA

Mindbodygreen’s CTA example stuck out to us for a few reasons. First, they offer a free meditation video in exchange for signing up for their newsletter. As with any lead generation strategy is, if you’re going to ask for something, you need to offer something in exchange.  If users are signing up for a newsletter, the offer can be as simple as the valuable information that will come in those newsletters.

However, Mindbodygreen sweetens the pot a little with their free meditation video. Plus, their language is on par with their brand and purpose—not just with “Breathe in. Sign up. Chill Out” but even with the no thanks option. Rather than a quick or curt “no thanks”, they go with a more mindful and thorough “No thanks I don’t want to sign up.”

unique creative clever CTA example breathe in sign up chill out

Whatcha Looking For? Search CTA

We just like how this CTA uses conversational language that people can relate to and feel welcomed by.

unique creative clever call to action examples watchalooking for

Spoon University- Email Newsletter CTA

Spoon University uses conversational language as well in their CTA with “Nah, I’m good.” Note also that the black button stands out in contrast to the orange background, and uses the more unique “Get Inspired”.

unique creative clever call to action examples nah i'm good Spoon University

Camp Bow Wow- About Us CTA

How could a company named Camp Bow Wow not have a unique and clever CTA?  “Get the Woof” on its own wouldn’t be a clear CTA, but since it is surrounded by context, website visitors can gather that clicking on this button means they will learn more about why to choose Camp Bow Wow.


unique creative clever call to action examples get the woof


Kay Jewelers- Sale CTA

Another way to make your CTAs more catchy is to accompany them with a rhyme, as Kay Jewelers does in the below example.

unique clever creative CTAs Kay Jewelers

Balanced Rock Investment Advisors- About Us CTA

This CTA by Balanced Rock Investment Advisors made it onto our list of unique and clever CTAs because they make a bold statement about their brand and then invite their website visitors to learn more about why. This is a slightly different approach than simply having an “about us” or “learn more” button.

unique clever creative CTAs balanced Rock investment advisors

Sweetgreen- Email Newsletter CTA

How clever is this email newsletter CTA by Sweetgreen?


unique clever creative CTA examples never miss a beet

Kayak- Resubscribe CTA

This is a clever CTA for an email re-subscription cancelation. Yes, the large green check and black font serve to assure the user that they have been unsubscribed, but the “Wait, I didn’t mean it!” button is our favorite. Once again, using common language that a user might actually say to themselves (or out loud) is a simple yet effective way to build trust.

unique clever creative CTA examples kayak.com


CafePress- Coupon CTA

CafePress’s CTA is effective because their offer is appealing: 25% off instantly, and what consumer doesn’t like instant gratification? Also, the button copy reads “Get coupon code”, making the result of clicking that button loud and clear and eliminating any uncertainty for the user. The clever part is the “No” option: “No thanks, I don’t like discounts.” This is a playful way of encouraging users one last time to opt in.

unique clever creative CTA examples cafepress.com

Here’s a similar example of getting a bit witty with the “no” option.

unique clever creative CTA examples no i like negativity

Vizzbuzz- Limited Time Offer CTA

Vizzbuzz does a great job with their CTA for this limited time offer. They reassure their users that there is minimal effort and risk required on their part — no credit card or email address required — and then the button copy of “Take me there” helps to reinforce that this deal is a destination to be desired.

unique and creative call to action examples take me there


And there you have it. Use these call to action examples to come up with your own buttons and phrases that encourage your target audience to act.

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