• Twitter: Why People Unfollow (and how to avoid it)


Social Media Today calls Twitter the best customer service platform, as consumers can find immediate answers or resources right at their fingertips through online social activity. And although Twitter is a renowned social networking site, many brands seem to have difficulty with the networking aspect, resulting in customers losing interest and unfollowing. 

Consumers are swamped with brands competing for their attention on social media and reluctance to keep up with the innovations can result in a loss. 72% of followers of a brand are more likely to purchase a product from that brand! Are you missing out?

According to a study by BuzzStream and Fractl that surveyed 900 people, 50% of respondents noted that they only follow 1-4 brands on social media. This statistic shows the stiff competition and necessity of doing well on Twitter to help with customer acquisition and retention.

In fact, according to the survey, 12% of Tweeters said they unfollowed a brand in the last few days!

What exactly causes Tweeters to  lose interest and how can you prevent this from happening to you?

Too much Self Promotion

45% of respondents said that they will unfollow a brand on social media because of too much self-promotion.  

Understandably, you want to boast about your products or services online, but Twitter is not the best platform for that. No one likes being around that person who constantly speaks about their achievements. Tweets should not be primarily promotional but should be interesting and even conversational. In general, when posting content, keep the 80/20 rule in mind. 80% of your content should not be about you or your company, leaving 20% to be promotional or the space for the “humble brag.”

Boring and Repetitive

21% of people said they will unfollow a brand if the content is repetitive and boring.

Twitter produces a continuous live stream of captivating, useless, or outrageous information that Tweeters have to sift through and pay attention to. Therefore content must be luring but fresh! What interests you when you’re not in the corporate mindset may interest your customers as well. Twitter is all about sharing! Sharing thoughts, ideas, facts, etc. Use this platform to pass along interesting articles, videos, books, and tidbits to your network whether or not they’re directly related to your business. Utilize the “Share” button that’s featured on most websites; that’s what they’re there for! And don’t be afraid to include artistic aspects in your tweets. 22% of study respondents noted that images are the most appealing content on brand pages. An image is a great way to “wow” your audience.

Bonus Tip:

Keep this tip in mind for your next innovative tweet – Don’t tread into risqué topics such as politics, religion, sex, or anything controversial. These topics can easily offend or turn off readers from your brand. 10% of respondents noted that they tell their friends to unfollow a brand if they see something they do not like. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful, and that kind of chatter can hurt your feed.

Posting too much

63% of respondents want brands to post just 1-2 times per day. Only 24% prefer 3-5 times per day on Twitter.

You don’t want to overexpose your brand and post too frequently. The 140 character limit on Twitter can seem like a nuisance when you have so much to convey to your followers but in reality the limit is a convenience, as tweets display better on smartphones and capture readers attention spans when they’re short! But don’t get caught posting a Twitter rant by spreading out your statement across multiple tweets, either. It is essential to space out your tweets throughout the day rather than all at once. This helps you stay on your followers’ home pages. It’s not necessary to stick to a strict tweet schedule, but you shouldn’t disappear from the social world for too long.

Lack of engagement

36% of people surveyed think that a brand is very likely to engage with them if they follow its Twitter account.

Twitter is all about connectivity, engagement, and social interaction. It is so important to check in on your Twitter account regularly and respond to any feedback or questions! Customers often use this platform to extend any concerns or questions to a company. Twitter is the most effective platform for customer relationship management; Respond to tweets, direct messages, and retweets. Show them your appreciation for their support and attention to your brand.

Brand responses make the consumer feel a connection to the brand. Encourage engagement and follow your customers back! Twitter is an easy-to-use networking tool to build and maintain relationships for a mutually rewarding outcome.


34% said they will unfollow a brand on social media if it uses automated messaging.

No one likes talking to an automated messaging service when calling a customer service hotline. The same goes for Twitter. Customers have the same disappointing user experience when they receive an automated message after following a brand. Twitter is a social experience, implying a two-way street of social (and human) interaction. It’s necessary to be personable when posting on social media. Social media — and Twitter in particular — can be a great platform to show your brand’s personality and human side.

So how do you stop people from unfollowing on Twitter?

Treat your brand’s Twitter account like a social account and not a corporate marketing broadcasting tool. Make your account personable, engaging, creative, and captivating! Twitter shouldn’t feel like another burden on the everlasting to-do list. If you actively follow these tips your customer retention should stay intact.

Don’t become another brand forgetting the “social” in social media.

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