• Top 5 Takeaways from “How to Make Facebook Work for Your Business”

How to Make Facebook Work for Your BusinessFacebook’s platform offers small business owners a myriad of possibilities to access an audience of over one billion people. However, many business owners struggle to effectively utilize this communication channel.  To help eliminate some of the difficulty, we profiled 9 real small businesses who are rocking Facebook in our brand new free eBook that you can download here.  Below are 5 of the top takeaways to help you market your business on Facebook.

1. Define a set of purposes for your Facebook page

The most successful pages aren’t the ones business owners spend the most time on. Their pages garner a wide following and generate high levels of engagement because they have an understanding of what they want to gain from their Facebook page. Whether your page is being used as a market research tool for your business, or to update current customers on new products and offerings, define the reasons why your business is on Facebook. A defined set of purposes will help you work out how much time and effort to allocate to Facebook marketing.

2. Know your customer base

Find your customer interests and the type of incentives that motivate them. Facebook offers the perfect platform to test different marketing strategies on your audience base and to get feedback from all of your different market segments.

3. Consider the buying frequency of your target customer

Do you sell something that is purchased very infrequently (like real estate)? If so, how will you keep prospects and previous customers engaged in between purchases? And how would you use your Facebook page to cultivate new customers? For example, businesses from our case study that target a niche market or have customers with a low turnover rate engage their customers with content that relates to their lifestyle- thereby cultivating a loyal following.

4. Consider how the needs of new customers differ from those of repeat customers.

What share of your business comes from repeat customers? Is it worth more of your time and resources to retain repeat customers rather than developing new ones? According to a National Federation of Independent Businesses study, about 12% of small business owners indicate that all of their customer base are repeat customers with 35% saying that most are repeat. Try to diversify the content of your posts to keep all of your market segments interested.

5. Use the mobility and accessibility of Facebook to your business’s advantage.

Unlike a website, your Facebook page can be updated from anywhere and at anytime. Take advantage of that fact to engage with your customers frequently and directly. You have a direct line of communication to a customer or a potential customer, so think outside the box when it comes ot how you can engage them on your page. For example, tag customers in posts as a novel way of generating referrals. Find tweets about your business; take a screenshot and post to your page. Use Facebook to integrate the multitude of platforms (i.e. reviews from Yelp, check-ins, Instagram pictures) that your business is engaged on to boost your connectivity and the sharability of your posts.

If you want to see how real small business owners are implementing these strategies, download our free eBook today to start rocking your Facebook marketing!

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