• Top 5 Features of The New iPhone 5


As you might have heard, yesterday Apple unveiled the newest incarnation of their smartphone in a much talked-about press conference. This was big news across the internet, cable news, and Apple fan-boys alike.

People love their technology, and our team here at Propel is no exception. Here are our top five favorite features of the new iPhone 5:

1.) New Hardware Design – The new device is taller, thinner and much lighter than its predecessors, making it easier to hold.

2.) 4” Screen – The new screen is taller, not wider, allowing for an extra row of icons and a better movie viewing experience.

3.) LTE Connectivity – The new iPhone will have much faster web browsing capabilities and will work with all carriers.

4.) Improved Camera – Just when you thought the iPhone camera couldn’t get any better, the new camera boasts a faster image capture, special noise reduction, a panoramic feature, and a better front facing camera.

5.) iOS 6 – The new iPhone will come with Apple’s iOS 6. This includes some really cool new apps such as Passbook, an app that holds all of your passes, coupons and airline tickets, then displays them when you arrive at that location. Trouble finding your destination? A new Maps app will help you find your way, complete with stunning 3D visuals.

This iPhone 5 release is a great reminder of the prevalence of mobile, on both smartphones and tablets, and how its user base is growing every day. Take a moment to skim some of our past blogs to learn about how mobile in marketing is growing and how it can impact your business!

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Stay tuned for updates as the information rolls in from Apple’s live event, and keep your eye on Propel for more information about how smartphones and tablets are changing the world and changing your business!

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