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Chiropractors Greatest Challenges in Finding New Patients

Chiropractors Greatest Challenges in Finding New Patients - Wordcloud provided by wordle.net

Today, ThriveHive is excited to release “The Chiropractor Marketing Report”, a detailed look into the current marketing trends in the chiropractic industry based on a survey of 236 chiropractors.  You can download your free copy here.

Chiropractors Greatest Challenges in Finding New Patients

Chiropractors Greatest Challenges in Finding New Patients – Wordcloud provided by wordle.net

It’s probably no surprise that most chiropractors are in a constant search for patients. If you’re thinking “Yep, that’s me,” then you’re part of the 96 percent of chiropractors who are striving to reach new patients.

From the survey data it became apparent that many chiropractors were faced with a double duty: treating patients and running a business. With the average practice employing fewer than three people, chiropractors have limited resources and are handling their own marketing activities.

Despite this challenge, chiropractors are expanding their reach with 3 critical techniques:

1. Going Beyond Traditional Word of Mouth

  • 70 percent of chiropractors use social media.


  • A major difference between chiropractors that can and can’t reach new patients is digital media (email, social media, etc.).
  • 67 percent of chiropractors that can reach new patients are using Facebook.


2. Engaging in Multiple Marketing Activities

  • Most chiropractors believe marketing is helpful in obtaining new customers, with the average chiropractor engaging in five marketing activities.
  • Of the chiropractors who responded that they can reach new customers, 61 percent have five or more marketing activities in play.

3. Constantly Marketing to Find New Patients

  • Over 71 percent of chiropractors indicate that marketing is a daily activity.
  • Over 75 percent of chiropractors would like to expand marketing efforts. Call them overachievers, but nearly 50 percent of this group is already spending in excess of five hours per month with marketing activities.



In answering “What is the greatest challenge in obtaining new customers,” one chiropractor responded: “Attracting the right patients – the ones who truly want to get better and stay better, as opposed to the ones who want a ‘quick fix’.” The same long-term viewpoint chiropractors have for patient care should also be applied to their marketing efforts.

The Chiropractor Marketing Report clearly demonstrates that relying on one marketing activity won’t drive the traffic most chiropractors are looking for – every chiropractor is using word of mouth and almost every chiropractor is still looking for new customers. Leveraging what’s working with other available activities and leveraging social media to amplify word of mouth can help maximize reach and ultimately get more patients in the door.

To learn more about what other chiropractors are doing and what’s working, such as tracking patients and top sources of new patients, download your free copy of The Chiropractor Marketing Report.


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