• Tips for Managing Your Reviews

Tips for Managing Your Reviews

As mobile apps grow in popularity, more and more consumers are coming across your social and review pages. It’s a good idea to take a fresh look at the review pages for your business so you are in a good position to win customers over. Consumers trust and rely on reviews. While you can’t control what customers write about your business, you can control the experience you create for them and the way you manage their feedback. Here are some reminders, tips, and guidelines for managing your business reputation with respect to online reviews.

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Tips for Managing Your Reviews

What to Look at When Managing Your Reviews

Most Visible Reviews

What are your most visible reviews? Are the top three reviews shown in Google, Yelp and Facebook favorable for your business? Check to make sure you have responded to the most visible reviews on these pages. A simple “thank you” will do, but if you can, get a little more personable and specific to the review that was left.  If you have negative reviews, be sure to respond so potential customers understand that you have taken care of any issues and that you want to earn their business (see more tips on this below).

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Most Recent Reviews

Recent positive reviews (no more than a month or two old) give potential customers more confidence to shop at your business. If you don’t have any recent good reviews of 4 stars or above, try to get some good ones soon by asking your loyal customers to leave a review for you.

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Overall Rating

Is your rating at least 4 stars? If not, try to get more good reviews to increase your overall rating. Your ratings on these review sites are highly visible and influence consumer purchase decisions. For example, 4-star rated businesses have proven to get almost 300% more purchase actions than businesses with a 3-star rating, and 3-star rating businesses get almost 400% purchase actions e than 2-star rated businesses.

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Number of Reviews

The number of reviews is another critical factor in managing your reputation. Your business should have enough positive reviews to be credible. Online consumers will read multiple reviews to form an opinion about a business. Plus, the number of reviews along with your rating are input into the overall search ranking of your business in Yelp and Google. For help getting more online reviews, visit How to Get More Positive Online Reviews.

Responding to Reviews

Aside from assessing and monitoring your reviews, you should also be responding to them. Positive reviews are easy. Negative reviews? Not so much. If you get a negative review, don’t panic. Here’s what to do:

Take a Deep Breath

First thing’s first. Take a deep breath and wait until you’re no longer emotional. Think of your response as a chance to enhance your reputation, don’t be defensive, and keep it brief. Keep these three tips in mind for your response:

Own the Issue

Make sure to communicate that the issue is important to you and that you are sorry the customer had the problem. Customers need to feel that you’re listening and that you care.
Describe how future customers will not have this issue. Tell your (prospective) customers that something has changed and the issue will not happen to them. Describe that you put a new process in place, for example.

Offer to Fix the Issue

Your business will spend a lot of time and money on sales and marketing. Although you can’t always fix every issue, your offer to fix a reviewer’s problem is a great marketing investment. In the response, suggest that they contact you directly so you can try to resolve the issue.

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Get More Reviews

The best defense is offense! Encourage more reviews from your happy customers. The more positive reviews that show up for your business listing, the more lost in the shuffle it will get and the less harm it can do.

Marketing isn’t just about promoting your business to your target audience. It’s about creating opportunities for engagement with your audience. It’s about giving your customers a voice. Don’t be afraid of online reviews. They are an essential part of an effective marketing strategy, and as long as they are managed properly, will aid in the growth of your business.


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