Tips for Creating Great Email Communications

Great Email CommunicationsEmail is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customers or to nurture potential buyers by sending relevant information about your products and services and to alert them to any new or special offerings your company may have.

Before you even start building your email communication, you have to ask and answer the 3 W’s– Who? What? Why? The “How?” is answered by whichever delivery platform you choose to send it through (one example is ThriveHive).

Once you answer these critical questions you are on your way to building an effective email communication.


The “Who?”

It is important to think about who you want to receive this email communication.  The best communications are targeted specifically to the wants and needs of the group you want to reach. For example, if are you trying to sell a new service that you have developed based on customer feedback, you might want to target your current customers by providing them with a 20% discount on the new service for a certain amount of time.   The “who” in this example would be your current customers.


The “What?”

You have decided to send an email but what will you send them? This is best seen as two very critical questions.

The first is what message do you want to convey? Or more specifically what action do you want them to take (i.e. a discount off a new service, or an invitation to a new location opening)?  Make sure the message and intended action is relevant to the “who” you defined above. Giving current clients a new customer introductory offer makes little sense.

The second is what form do you want to send it in? You have plenty of options depending on the offer you want to make. You may choose an email postcard, a newsletter, or a standard email.  Pick a format that fits both the “Who” and the “What” above.


The “Why?”

All great customer communications have a clear purpose and answer the obvious question, “Why am I receiving this?” within the first line or two of the communication.  In fact, many experts recommend you answer this question in the subject line of the email (i.e. Special 30% Off Coupon For Loyal Customers from ThriveHive). Adding your company’s name can also improve your email’s effectiveness.

Getting Them To Open It

Last but not least, you need to create an engaging subject line that entices the recipient to click.  If they are familiar with your brand then mention it in the subject line and try be descriptive about what the email contains. (i.e. Netflix offers you 15% off in time for Christmas or Customer Appreciation Day Sale for Acme Rugs). You can try different subject lines to see what gets your customers to open the email.


Email is a powerful marketing tool for most businesses and if you take the time to ask and answer these questions BEFORE you create your email, your response rate should increase and new customers should be arriving at your door.

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