• Time-Saving Hacks for SMBs

Time Saving Hacks for 2019

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reassess where you could make some changes and adjustments. As a small business owner, time is your most valuable resource, and you cannot afford to lose it to small or unnecessary areas. Consistently improving your processes to boost productivity is not only beneficial but necessary in order to grow your business and increase your sales. While tools and apps can help you reduce switching costs, sometimes you need to employ a little human touch to your efforts in order to save every last minute. Here are 5 time-saving hacks that will help you have the most efficient year yet.


Time Saving Hacks for 2019

Time Saving Hacks for SMB Owners

1. Time Block Your Days

We can all get carried away with certain tasks, distracted by unrelated activities, and engrossed in unnecessary side projects from time to time. But these seemingly innocent endeavors can be deadly to an otherwise productive day. So where do you draw the line between “short break” and “time suck”? This is where time blocking can really improve your efficiency and functioning. Time blocking involves charting out your daily activities and writing down how much you want to spend on each one, and then comparing it to how much time you actually spent working on it. If you see a huge discrepancy, such as spending 2-3 hours on your business social media profiles compared to the 1-2 hours you wanted to spend, it may be time to make some changes. Hold yourself to hard deadlines for ending certain activities or look into free tools you can adopt that will help cut down on time lost. You may even want to use a timer so that you don’t get distracted. Time blocking is a great hack for those prone to distractions, and can really help to get some time back in your day.

2. Plan Your Social Media in Advance

Planning out your social media content can easily end up costing you far more time than you predict or realize. Because it can be a relaxing and a fun way to exercise your creativity, it’s easy to lose valuable time picking out the perfect caption or testing out different filters. A great way to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media efforts is by blocking out a few hours to plan your social media in advance, either weekly or monthly. While this may initially seem challenging, the ThriveHive Marketing Calendar can make it easy and fun to bring your social media to life through fun national holidays, monthly awareness causes, and tips for business owners. Planning your social media in advance, with the help of the ThriveHive Marketing Calendar, is a great time-saving hack for 2019.

3. Stockpile Content During Slow Seasons

During the busier seasons, you may not have the time to be producing content at the same speed as you were the rest of the year. Whether it’s blog posts, Instagram images, eBooks, or landing pages, creating content can be time-consuming even under the best of circumstances. A great way to get a head start on your content stockpile is by figuring out your slowest times of year and writing, creating, and scheduling in advance. Using an app such as Sprout or ThriveHive to schedule your social content, writing and storing your blog posts and eBooks in Google Drive, and creating graphics and taking pictures ahead of time will help to lessen your workload during busier times of the year. Stockpiling your content is a great time-saving hack for the new year.

4. Reuse Content

Reusing and repurposing your content is a great way to save time and keep your social platforms and website looking fresh. For example, if you write a blog for Arbor Day about the importance of going green, share that blog post out on other related holidays, such as Bike-to-Work Day, Earth Day, or World Soil Day. That way your blog post can continue to live on and have importance more than one day a year. Another great example is resharing images from one social platform and pushing them to another, such as sharing Instagram photos on Facebook, or Tweets on LinkedIn. Promoting positive customer testimonials across your website, social platforms, and in your emails is another great way to reuse existing content. Repurposing and reusing content is a perfect time-saving hack to help kickstart your 2019.

5. Quick Tips, Tricks, or Tutorials

When looking to save time on your content strategy, think big, but also small. Sharing out little tidbits of information such as short tips relevant to your industry is a great way to save time in 2019. These hacks or tutorials don’t take long to produce and can be shared across your social platforms, blog, or email newsletters. A short video tutorial about your service or product is another great way to cut down on time spent. Customers tend to prefer information shared in a concise way rather than a long-winded piece of content, so making sure your information gets to the point and is as visual as possible will help you save time and will keep your audience more engaged.

In the digital age, we know that every minute counts and that your time is precious. Use these 5 hacks to save yourself time, increase your sales, and improve your efficiency.


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