The Riddle of the Leaky Website and the Missing Customer

Choose Your Own Marketing Adventure

You’ve published a website, but is it bringing you any new customers? Turning your website into a real source of new customers can be quite an adventure. There are many paths to choose from, each fraught with peril. Each choice you make could mean the difference between a flood of new business or days of silent phones and an empty inbox.

Will you create a downloadable piece of content, or perhaps organize an event? Will you choose a strong call to action, or trust your visitors to figure it out for themselves?

Choose your path carefully to turn your website into a source of new customers: 

  • Choose from multiple lead-generating offers
  • Create a compelling landing page
  • Promote your offer
  • Much more!

Download this interactive eBook to inspire any local business owner to turn their website into a lead generating machine.


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