• The Importance of Social-Local-Mobile Marketing

Not that long ago, the top question on every marketer’s mind was, “What’s my mobile strategy?” Today, it’s simply just “strategy”. Mobile is the zeitgeist; apps and devices completely command our attention. Social media and mobile adoption rates have been almost intertwined in recent years, each driving the other to amplify such rapid growth. What was once derided as a passing fad with a flashy buzzword hashtag #SoMoLo (Social-Mobile-Local) is now here to stay and so ubiquitous that it no longer needs a name. It’s simply implied.

The Importance of Social-Local-Mobile Marketing

This is significant for local businesses because both social media and mobile optimization are now essential to engaging with customers successfully. Here are six eye-popping consumer research stats on both social media and mobile usage that drive home the importance of a SoLoMo approach with marketing.

  • Social media is now used as part of purchasing decisions in 52% of US households, up +12% since 2014 (Source: Nielsen).
  • 3 billion social media users access networks via mobile apps (Source: SmartInsights).
  • 61% of the US population are active monthly users of social networks (up +8% in the past year alone (Source: Statista).
  • 1 in every 3 “minutes on mobile” is spent on a social app (Source: Business Insider).
  • The average American adult consumes 3.3 hours of digital media per day (an increase of one hour more than 2013 (Source: Business Insider).
  • 90% of the world’s data (social, business, chats) has been created over the past 18 months alone (Source: Forbes).

User-generated content on social makes up the lion’s share of that data, which includes photos, videos, and reviews we all share across our own networks.

For most small local businesses, monitoring and maintaining a marketing presence across so many channels can feel overwhelming, especially those already strapped for time.

In order to stay relevant and compete in this “attention economy”, connecting with customers where they’re living on social and mobile is now just far too critical to be ignored. Stay on top of social, reviews, and your competition with Perch.

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