• The Importance of Brand and Marketing Consistency

The Importance of Brand and Marketing Consistency

When building a brand, one of the most important things to consider is the tone of voice and frequency you want to maintain. Brand and marketing consistency is all about bringing a specific feeling to your customers through your messaging that remains the same across all your channels and assets, while also keeping up a consistent and reliable stream of content. When you allow multiple people to control the voice and patterns of your brand, you leave open room for flaws in your marketing content, which can be detrimental to the strength of your brand. The more uniform, consistent, and steady your messaging and flow of content, the easier customers and potential customers will be able to recognize your brand without excessive branding. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs brand and marketing consistency.

The Importance of Brand and Marketing Consistency

The Importance of Brand and Marketing Consistency

Brand Recognition

Have you ever walked past a billboard, heard an advertisement on TV, or seen an ad in the newspaper and automatically knew what company it was for? Recognize an Old Spice, Geico, or Neutrogena commercial without ever hearing the brand name is a perfect example of brand recognition due to consistent marketing. Major brands keep the same regulation in their image that is necessary to be easily recognized, both through the frequency of their content and the quality. If a company tweets at the same times each day, but doesn’t have a consistent logo or handle across platforms, consumers will be less likely to purchase from them due to this discrepancy. Brands with distinct brand and marketing consistency are able to benefit from being easily recognized, which can help save money, build your brand, and trust.

Builds Brand Awareness

An important reason to create consistent branding and marketing is building awareness. Customers are significantly more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize for their consistent image and content schedule, so make sure to maintain both with some regularity. Your digital and visual content should be uniform so that your audience knows what to look for, and should be posted at similar times so they know when to look. Your visual content should stick to the same color theme, photo quality, and logo placement, and your digital materials should be consistent with that. Brand and marketing consistency helps to build awareness that allows the customer to easily and immediately recognize your brand.

Creates Trust

If you had a friend that regularly broke plans, missed your phone calls, and didn’t return important texts, you probably wouldn’t have a lot of faith in that person. Customers are 71% more likely to purchase from a brand or company that they trust (Source: Global Banking and Finance), so much like a friendship, building a reputable image is extremely important to your business. Being trustworthy is a major element of a successful brand, and establishing that will help to build brand and marketing consistency. Posting your content on a regular basis at similar times, utilizing the same platforms for specific purposes, and keeping messaging consistent will help to build trust.

It Makes You Memorable

The power of repetition is seen everywhere, from the movies to the classroom. It’s the reason why flashcards, lists, and pneumonic devices are so effective—the more often people see, hear, or experience something, the more likely they are to remember it. We can all recall jingles we’ve seen on TV a thousand times and printed logos that appear in digital and print media simply because of the sheer number of times we’ve been exposed to it. If you want your brand to be memorable, make your messaging consistent and frequent. The more often your customers and potential customers see your advertisements and branding, the consistent and memorable your brand will appear.

Increased Revenue

Did you know that the average revenue increase attributed to brand consistency is 23%? And choosing consistent brand colors can increase recognition by up to 80%! (Source: Lucid Press) Those statistics can mean a huge difference for your business. We know that consumers prefer brands that remain consistent in their messaging, logos, and marketing efforts, so make sure you aren’t missing the mark. A great way to guarantee that is by developing a set of brand guidelines, which can include everything from a description of tone and voice, to social media examples, to the hex codes of your logo. The more specific your brand guidelines, the more accurate consistent your brand assets can be, which will help generate more revenue for your business.

Giving your customers a reliable experience, in addition to making sure your voice and tone are consistent will help to bring new and returning customers to your business. Consumers prefer a dependable brand and marketing strategy that incorporates all aspects of your business, from your social platforms, to your logo, to your print media. The key to a successful marketing strategy is making sure your messaging is consistent and memorable.


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