• Ways to Target Your Ads on Facebook

With any form of advertising, targeting the right audience is essential to an ad’s success. When you put your ads in front of the people to whom it is most relevant, you increase the chances of people engaging with your ad and position yourself to get the most return on investment (ROI). You also improve the effectiveness of your ad, because instead of having to generalize it to appeal to the masses, you can tailor the ad to the specific audience you’re targeting.

Part of the reason why Facebook advertising works so well is that its platform offers powerful audience targeting tools, including granular targeting and the ability to create Custom Audiences.

Targeting Ads on Facebook

Facebook Ad Audience Types

The Facebook Ads platform offers a number of approaches to targeting your ads. You can target your ads based on a person’s interests or demographics; or you can target your ads based on their stage of engagement with your business or position in your sales funnel. Below are four types of audiences that you can create using the Facebook Ads platform.

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Current Customers

Getting new customers is great, but repeat and returning customers are equally as important. One group worth targeting with your Facebook ads is your current customers. You can upload a list of your customers, using their phone numbers, email address, or Facebook user IDs.

You may be wondering, “Why target current customers with Facebook ads? If they have already made a purchase, don’t they already know about my business?” They do, but do they know about the latest product or service you offer? What if a competitor puts out an irresistible offer?

Those who have made one purchase from you may be likely to make a second or third purchase, but competitors are also out there promoting their business. Targeting current customers with your Facebook ads will ensure that those who have already purchased from you continue purchasing from you, allowing you to gain long time, loyal customers.

Website Visitors

Another group for targeting ads on Facebook is your business website visitors. It goes without saying that people who have visited your site are interested in your business for one reason or another. However, the internet and the world around us is loaded with distractions. No matter how interested a person is in your business, there is a high likelihood they will leave your site before performing the action you desire them to take, such as provide contact information, download an eBook, or even make a purchase.

By targeting website visitors with your Facebook ads, you can re-spark their interest in your business or remind them to return to your site. Better yet, you can guide them through a specific call-to-action with an accompanying landing page.

Facebook ad audience tools enable you to get highly specific with this type of target audience. You could target people who visited a particular page on your site, those who visited a page that had a particular keyword in the URL, or exclude people who are already customers.

Targeting websites visitors on Facebook is a great way to increase conversion rates and website traffic.

Engagement Custom Audiences

In addition to creating audiences from who has engaged with your website, Facebook allows you to create audiences based on who has engaged with the content of previous ads, such as a Facebook video ad or lead form. Facebook refers to these audiences as Engagement Custom Audiences.

Facebook allows you to get very specific when targeting your ads based on video engagement. You can create audiences out of people who viewed a certain number of seconds of your video or a percentage of your video’s length; people who viewed it in the past day, week, and so on; or people who viewed more than one video.

Targeting your Facebook ads toward people who have already engaged with previous ads can help you in building campaign sequences and showing relevant ads.

Lookalike Audiences

The Facebook Ads platform has a tool that will help you to find an audience similar to your current customer base, such as with location, age, gender, interests, and more. When you to upload a list of your current customer base, this tool collects similarities and patterns among those people and then finds an additional audience of people who fit those criteria.

Due to the fact that the lookalike audience has so much in common with your current customers, it is highly likely that they will be interested in becoming customers as well. Targeting lookalike audiences with your Facebook ads allows you to extend your reach to untapped but highly likely populations.

The Facebook Ads platform provides highly specific targeting options, to optimize for the offer you are advertising, or the audience you wish to engage with. By targeting your Facebook ads toward those who will be most receptive, you’ll be able to see results through increased social media engagement, website traffic, conversions, leads, and sales.

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