• Introducing Our Summer Reading Series for Local Businesses

Happy official first day of summer! Among the sun and the sand and the backyard barbeque, one of the best bits of summer is refreshing your reading list. So to celebrate the season, we created a summer reading series specifically for local business owners. We’ll share our favorite content pieces all about local SEO content designed to keep you in the loop on the local SEO industry and inspire some ideas of your own.

First up, let’s take marketing and promotions! With pleasanter weather and longer days, you have more opportunities to connect with your customers and clients. And there’s something extra fun about summer. Maybe it’s all that sunshine or some leftover summer vacation magic from our school days.

Whatever the reason, this is the season to get a little silly with your marketing and promotions. Not sure where to begin? We’re curating some of our summer chart-toppers and to help inspire a little more fun in the summer sun.

10 Summer Promotion Ideas for Small Business

Summer is a perfect time of year to make use of the warm weather and an influx of tourists. These 10 promotion ideas are great starting points for whatever creative promotion fits your local business best. Even better, these promotions are designed to help drive sales and increase brand awareness throughout the summer. Get inspired here.

Creative Ways to Market Your Business This Summer

During the summer months, we get to incorporate a more light-hearted and spunky approach to our marketing mix. And this post is jam-packed with creative approaches to holidays tie-ins, community events, and even social media. Check out these creative marketing methods to take advantage of all the summer has to offer.

Summer Marketing Guide 2019

And, course, we have our free Summer Marketing Guide freshly updated and chockful of promotions, sales, holiday ideas, and more strategies you can use to upgrade your marketing strategies not only for the warmer months but for the remainder of the year, too.

Sarah Cavicchi
Sarah Cavicchi
Sarah is the Head of Content for ThriveHive, where she creates strategic content assets to help business owners and marketers own their digital presence and connect with their customers. When she's not wordsmithing or brainstorming new ideas, she enjoys exploring Boston or curling up with a good book.

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