• ThriveHive’s Summer Marketing Guide for 2019

Summer can be a sticky time of year for local businesses; some seasonal businesses deal with your customer base drying up, while others deal with a flood of new folks coming through for tourist season.

We’ve got you covered whichever way the seasonal shifts affect you! In our newly updated Summer Marketing Guide, you’ll find actionable tips and marketing ideas to help you promote your business and maintain healthy growth throughout the summer season.

So whether you’re looking to refresh your marketing plans for the summer or shift with the seasonal tides, check out our fresh and free ebook just for you!

Sarah Cavicchi
Sarah Cavicchi
Sarah is the Head of Content for ThriveHive, where she creates strategic content assets to help business owners and marketers own their digital presence and connect with their customers. When she's not wordsmithing or brainstorming new ideas, she enjoys exploring Boston or curling up with a good book.

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