• 13+ Social Media Post Ideas for Business

Social Media Post Ideas for Business

Maintaining a presence on social media requires time and effort, and you’re busy— we get that! However, it’s important to be active on social media—particularly on Facebook and Instagram. An active social media presence generates engagement and engagement builds credibility, spreads your message, and brings customers back. To save you the time and effort of coming up with ideas, here are thirteen ways to post to Facebook and Instagram to interest, attract, and inspire your audience.

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Social Media Post Ideas for Business13 Posts to Try on Social Media


Showcase your products by snapping a shot of what you offer in your store or upload any professional images you might have of your products.

Your Team at Work

Showcase your hard-working staff at your location or on-site. Customers will be interested in finding out who’s behind the scenes or who they might meet at your business.

Newly Completed Projects

Share the excitement of any newly completed projects or happenings at your business, whether it’s your latest renovation, the release of a new product, or the opening of a new store location.

Happy Customers

Ask your happy customers if they would mind you snapping a quick photo of them to share on Facebook and Instagram. Showing off customer smiles is a great way to gain some social proof and your customers will be happy that you want to feature them.

Events at Your Location

Any and all events going on at your business are great opportunities for Facebook and Instagram posting. Capture your event setup, flyer image, event details, or even a sneak peek of what attendees can expect.


Giveaways are a popular way to engage Instagram and Facebook followers. Share a flyer or image encouraging customers and your followers to like, share and tag a friend for a chance to win one of your featured products and/or service.

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Favorite UPS guy

Share anything your business loves including suppliers, neighbors, employee’s pets, etc. on Instagram with your customers and followers. This is a great way to be personable on social media. Your customers want to relate and connect with your business!

Local happenings

Show your support for your community— snap a picture at a local event, share upcoming events in your neighborhood, feature your neighbors.

Gift Certificates

If you offer gift certificates at your business, promote them in your Instagram and Facebook posts. Use Canva or another visual marketing tool to create an image of the gift certificate, or take a photo of the gift certificate itself. Don’t forget to link to the landing page for learning more or claiming it!

You may even want to pin these posts to the top of your pages or include links to the gift cards directly in your bios during the holidays or particular seasons.

Shout Outs

People like to see their own posts and content being shared and appreciated, especially by a business they support. Sharing your fan’s content every now and then gives your audience a sense of community and shared value.

Fill in the Blanks

Asking a fill-in-the-blank about your business services or products is a great way to get your followers talking and to learn more about them. Here are some ideas and examples:

  • Our new sandwich is a fancy twist on a Reuben. We should name it ____.
  • “This doggy daycare has changed how I ___.”
  • This New Years, I will be making cheers to __ with __.
  • My ideal Valentine will __.
  • The best way to make Mom feel special on Mother’s Day is __.
  • Today is National Pasta Day. My favorite pasta is _____.
  • I can best describe my workday today as __.
  • If I could be anywhere in the world, it would be __.
  • This year I’m headed to __ to celebrate __.

social media ideas for business fill in the blank

social media ideas for business fill in the blank


Quotes receive a lot of shares on social media and are great ways to engage your audience. Whether it relates to your core business values, offers a sense of humor, or speaks to the particular day of the week, sharing something fun or meaningful with your audience gives your business an authentic and human feel. Everyone loves a good inspirational quote—just a little something to make their day better.


Your customers like to be heard. Posting a question is a great opportunity for people to share their opinions and let you know what they think and want. Try the following:

  • Opinion-based questions on your services, products, any specific idea or topic, etc.
  • Preference questions: Ask your customers about their favorites, whether it’s regarding your business or a more general topic. What’s your favorite drink or menu item, Sunday afternoon activity, football team, a place to visit, etc.
  • Feedback questions: Ask your customers what you can be doing better, or what they would like to see for your business in the future.
  • Trivia, polls, surveys: Give your customers a prize from your business for being the first to answer correctly.

social media post ideas for business questions

social media post ideas for business questions 2

social media post ideas for business questions 1

Final Tips

Identifying what makes a good post for your business and audience will take some trial and error, so the best thing to do is just start and let your analytics and audience guide you. Just remember to keep your posts simple, relate them to your ideal customers’ values and interests, engage in the conversation, and stay up on responses.


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