• Social Media Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making


With over 1 billion Facebook users, close to 5 million people “tweeting” and about 4 billion YouTube videos being viewed per day, it’s easy to see why Social Media has become a major outlet for companies to both gain and retain more customers.

What many small businesses don’t think about is that there are several critical mistakes they can make through their use of social media channels, which could cost them these much-needed customers.

There are five common errors that stand out as the downfalls of a company’s use of social media.

When using social media as a business, you should remember that sometimes there is such a thing as too much when it comes to information about your company. A mistake many businesses make is inundating your followers’ feeds with newsletters and self-promotions. Fans that are following your company have already taken an interest in your brand and want to get to know you on a more personal level. Instead of sending out tons of company updates, limit that number and try posting about interesting topics and thoughts that will draw people in, while still relating to your industry.

It’s important to remember to engage your fans and followers through the use of your social outlets. Not engaging could cost you. Your customers will post on your page or respond to messages you have posted. It’s not always necessary to respond, however there are a couple of instances when taking action is imperative: Be sure to always answer questions when one has been posed to you, and always respond to feedback, both positive and negative. Not responding could be perceived as not caring.

Not monitoring your pages is something that could just as easily hurt your business as never seeing the inside of your store or never listening to voicemails. Checking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube comments, and other social pages for cuss words or negative slurs is very important in making sure you’re sending out the right message to your followers. Make sure you don’t let offensive posts stay on your wall that might turn off potential customers. Social Media Today claims that a small business owner should check their social pages at least every 2 hours to be sure you are monitoring and checking up on your fans’ use of your social media outlets.

Another mistake that many small businesses make is not doing your market research. Very simply, make sure your target audience will be using social pages and that your business will benefit by utilizing the right social networks to match your audience’s habits. If there is one aspect to your business that will stand out on social media, focus on just that piece and don’t worry about the rest.

Finally, it is important to understand you will not become a star overnight. It’s a mistake to think that you will have hundreds or thousands of followers right away. Just as it takes time to get customers into your store or business, it takes time and work to gain followers. When it comes to social media, think quality over quality. Focus on the content you’re putting out there and you’ll create quality engagement. And set your expectations accordingly: building a social network following won’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience, but eventually your social fan base will grow.

If you can avoid making these social media missteps and learn to welcome in more customers through social media rather than limiting your sources of engagement, your business will flourish in the social media scene and you will, over time, see positive results for your business. What do you have to lose?


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