• Social Media Marketing Goals: How to Set, Measure and Achieve Them

Social Media Goals: How to Set, Measure and Achieve Them

A sustainable, effective media campaign never just appears out of thin air. We might get lucky with the occasional viral post, but trying to manufacture that popularity is an exercise in frustration. Even if you already have a social media presence and are running campaigns, taking a step back to incorporate more structure into your social media marketing plan is a must. Read on to learn about which social media marketing goals you should be setting, as well as how to measure and achieve them to maximize your marketing performance.

Social Media Goals: How to Set, Measure and Achieve Them

The Importance of Social Media Marketing Goals

Save Money

Social media marketing isn’t as simple as sharing some articles or news about your business. Like any other form of online advertising, you need to invest either time or money (usually both) into shaping and delivering your message and pay attention to results. If you don’t know exactly what you hope to gain from your social media marketing efforts, you can’t tell whether you’re spending your money wisely or just throwing it away.

Bring Results

If you’re unclear about your marketing goals, you will likely head out in a dozen different directions at once, hoping something will stick. One social media post will try to grow your audience. The next might try to increase sales. By dividing your attention, you hobble each individual effort. No path has a chance to build momentum. This doesn’t mean that you can’t increase brand awareness while fostering deeper engagement. It just means that you should be more intentional about both.

Stay on Top

You need to be nimble with social media marketing because the landscape changes quickly and constantly. Having goals in place and a means of measuring your progress toward them will help you identify when and where you need to adjust your messaging, approach, and methods.

How to Set, Measure, and Achieve Social Media Marketing Goals

In order to establish useful social media marketing goals, you’ll want to decide whether you want to raise brand awareness, increase engagement, or convert your audience into clients and customers. You don’t have to focus on one at the expense of all the others, but you will want to have a specific aim for each ad post you publish.

As you read about measuring each of the goals below, keep in mind that most social media platforms have their own analytics features, which you should be using in addition to the other methods provided.

Top-of-the-Funnel Social Media Marketing Goals

If you’re looking to grow your base and to get your name in front of more people who could benefit from your services, then your social media marketing goals should be:

•  Expand your reach

•  Improve your name recognition

To measure reach and brand awareness on social media:

•  Pay attention to how many followers, likes, and mentions you get.

•  Track the increase in referral traffic to your website. Instead of looking for specific conversions, you’re wanting to see increased exposure.

To achieve these social media marketing goals:
•  Use hashtags
•  Post valuable content frequently
•  Encourage sharing
•  Produce shareable content
•  Ask questions to encourage interaction (comments, feedback, etc.)

Mid-Funnel Social Media Marketing Goals

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your current audience, you’ll want to focus on conversation rather than simply broadcasting a message. Your social media marketing goals, in this case, should be:

•  Increase engagement

•  Generate more leads

To measure these social media marketing goals:
• Monitor likes, clicks, and shares

•  Pay attention to click-through rates and referral traffic to your website, especially to specific landing pages where you can focus on landing page metrics.

•  For platforms (like Facebook) that offer ratings and/or reviews, look for an increase in the number of reviews, but also pay attention to their quality. What are clients and customers raving about? What is keeping them from giving you a 5-star rating?

How to increase social media engagement and leads:
•  Target your audience through sponsored content or social media ads
•  Promote valuable offers
•  Use social media-specific offers
•  Use direct messages for personal engagement
•  Ask for reviews
•  Use landing pages to deliver lead magnets and grow your list
•  Include a landing page link in your bio

Bottom-of-the-Funnel Social Media Marketing Goals

In the end, you’re running a business, and that means you need to see sales. If you run an e-commerce site where customers can make purchases directly online, then your social media goal can simply be sales. However, it most cases, you will be targeting conversion. A conversion is any action taken by a member of your target audience that moves them through your sales/marketing funnel.

How to measure conversion:
•  Aside from seeing your sales numbers increase, you can look at click-through rates and referral traffic to pages that convert.
•  You can also use tracked links to get a better understanding of where your traffic is coming from.

How to increase conversion:
•  Take advantage of retargeting to advertise to users already familiar with your brand
•  Use advertising to target specific groups
•  Use A/B testing to create the most effective landing pages
•  Optimize your call to action

If you’re even thinking about how to create and measure goals for your next social media marketing campaign, you’re likely ahead of your competition. Once you know what you hope to accomplish, you can establish a more detailed plan to achieve those goals.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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