• Small Businesses That Are Doing Blogging Well

Small Businesses That Are Doing Blogging Well

Building a successful and well-crafted blog for your business is an important step to turning website visitors into customers. An effective and active blog on your website improves your credibility, boosts your online presence, and helps you get found by potential customers. While maintaining a blog may seem overwhelming, the benefits far outweigh any potential negatives. If you’re looking to get your blog off the ground for your small business but need some inspiration, look no further. Here are 8 small businesses that are absolutely crushing it with blogging, and will help you do the same.

Small Businesses That Are Doing Blogging Well

Small Businesses That Are Doing Blogging Well

SF Custom Chiro

Making your blog post titles specific to your industry, as well as your geographic location, will help to give your blog strong SEO. SF Custom Chiro answers very specific and niche questions on their blog, with titles that individuals in the area may be searching for, such as TMJ Treatment in San Francisco.

Boston Intuitive

When was the last time you answered a question for a customer or client? Next time you’re asked a question, write it down and create a blog post out of it! Posing your blog titles as questions for which your post gives the answer will drive traffic to your website and increase your visibility online. Before visiting, potential customers may be curious about what to expect, so having blog posts that answer those questions will help to drive clients to your business. As a psychic, for example, Boston Intuitive answers many questions clients may have about their experience and strives to answer them across numerous blog posts.

Fixture Lab

Niche businesses can also greatly benefit from an active blog. If your business has a small audience, then the questions they will be searching for are less likely to have accurate answers, leaving you the opportunity to fill those information gaps online. For example, Fixture Lab specializes in designing and merchandising bicycle shops. While this may appear a small scope, their blog serves as an excellent resource for anyone in the bicycle industry or looking to get into it that may have questions.

Amit Dev Handa

Amit Dev Handa, who operates a luxury watch concierge, also appeals to a niche market through his blog, attracting watch collectors from all over the world. With this method, he is able to increase his potential customer base, as well as provide useful information and drive traffic to his site.

Eileen Lanza & CrabbyHomes

As a realtor, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. When people are seeking out a real estate agent or looking to buy a home, they will be most curious about the type of homes you sell, the homes you have available, and local houses selling in the area where you are looking to buy. Crabby Homes incorporates rich and high-quality photos into every blog post, both from the outside and inside. These photos help to drive potential clients to her website which results in showings.

Cooking Beautiful Lee

One of the challenges when creating a business is making sure your brand appears professional, but also relatable. Maintaining that familiarity with your audience will help to build brand loyalty and positive reviews. Cooking Beautiful Lee often weaves stories into her blog posts, some from her childhood, her day to day, and her culinary adventures. She also typically includes recent photos from her life, such as photos with friends, clients, and food. These images and posts allow her to appear human, while also maintaining a professional appeal.

Edge Body Boot Camp Ohama

While organic blog traffic is your goal, referral traffic is another great way to build up your online presence. Edge Body Boot Camp Ohama hones in on this by regularly posting member spotlights and calling out active members in the gym. Members will be more likely share to share these sorts of posts on social media because they’re proud of their progress, and also serving as a word-of-mouth referral. This type of content increases goodwill among members, is and very sharable, and is another way to build a fun, attractive, and highly trafficked blog.

Drama Learning Center

Your blog provides a great opportunity to inform potential customers of the services or products you offer. This becomes especially important to parents, who want to make sure their children are in the best possible hands. Drama Learning Center does an excellent job of this by discussing their offerings, lessons, and faculty spotlights. By having the staff answer fun get-to-know-you type questions, parents will become more comfortable and likely to use your services.

Commercial Risk Management of Kansas City

If you operate this type of business, you might think, “What can I write about? People will think this is boring!” But companies like risk management and insurance actually have a lot to write about. Think about individual cases, state laws, changes in the industry, and things that you’d tell your friends and family to help protect themselves. All of these are important things to share on your blog.

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