• Four Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing campaigns are an incredibly effective, and mostly free, way to reach a large group in one shot. There are several strategies to use when incorporating social media into your marketing mix. In this post, we’ve put together a few of the most common social media marketing campaigns that are great starting points for any social media marketing newbie.

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Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Partnership Campaigns

Know another business in town whose customer base you’re dying to tap into? If they have a complimenting product or service this could be a great opportunity to partner up on a social media campaign. There are several benefits to this type of campaign:

• Piggy back on a more successful or better-known brand’s equity

Increase awareness for both brands

• Reach an audience otherwise not privy to your products and services

• Create strong B2B relationships with other local businesses

Remember to look for another organization that has a complementary or non-competing product or service offering and ask if they’d be willing to cross promote for one another on social media. For example, this dog grooming salon partnered with a local veterinarian to provide anesthesia free teeth cleaning services at the salon. Each business promoted the event from their own social media pages, directing followers to visit each other’s profiles.

Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

A campaign like this not only can increase traffic through your front door but also introduces you to an entirely new pool of possible clients.

Social Media Holiday Campaigns

Holiday marketing campaigns seem like a dime a dozen, which is why it’s time for you to branch out from the Thanksgiving and Christmas racket and tap into the more eclectic holidays. With days like International Kissing Day, World Nutella Day and World Sword Swallower’s Day peppering our calendars, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find one that suits your business.

People have all kinds of fun posting their selfies coinciding with these whacky holidays as it is (National Talk Like a Pirate Day anyone?) so why not jump into the fold and participate right along with them!

Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

If you’re lucky enough to have a business that is specific to one of these days, create a social media campaign leading up to it. Advertise in-store promotions on social media and have fun with searchable hashtags. Try to make your campaign “shareable”. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Don’t forget the upcoming Small Business Saturday (Saturday, November 25th) and if you’re looking for a complete list of these unique “holidays” check out our full (free) marketing calendar here.

Social Media Milestone Campaigns

A milestone campaign is an exciting way to get your followers involved with your business on a personal level and up your customer loyalty score. Creating a marketing campaign centered around your accomplishments engages your online community to celebrate with you and that makes them feel more connected to your organization. Popular reasons to put a milestone social media campaign in place would be:

• Anniversary
• Opening of a new location
• Launching of a new product or service
• Reaching a certain number of social media followers

Any business milestone worth celebrating! Create excitement around these events by initiating a campaign that garners some anticipation from your followers. This particular campaign used custom graphics and posted a daily countdown to a “secret” celebration they were having for their partnership with a large resort.

Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Charity Campaigns

Nothing makes you feel quite as good as doing something for others. An added bonus is that supporting a cause or local charity happens to do wonders for your own reputation and taps you into a very specific niche of charitable supporters.

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to do business with companies that support causes that they also support. Ask your staff members to volunteer for your charity of choice and document the whole day by posting photos or streaming on Facebook Live.

Request that the charity post about your involvement with their organization and link your social media accounts and website. This will put your business front and center with their constituents and expose you to an entirely new audience you otherwise may never have reached.

Using one or more of these social media marketing campaigns will help bolster your traditional marketing efforts. But, the best social media campaigns will be carefully developed and should have a specific goal in mind. Clearly define your goals early on (whether that’s brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, improving conversion rates, etc) and analyze the results of your campaign after completion.

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