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Interconnected Web

Interconnected Web

Every small business owner wants to get more traffic to their website and SEO link building is one easy way to do it. Organic traffic (free traffic that’s coming in on relevant search terms) is the most coveted form of web traffic and that is exactly what this blog post will help you increase.  Outlined below is a simple, but often-overlooked internal link building project that you can tackle in just an hour (if you have a large website it could take longer, but you can always break it up into pieces). It’s a one-hour project that will significantly improve your website’s ranking in search engines like Google.

Search engines’ ranking algorithm has gotten extremely sophisticated and now ranks your business’s website on a number factors. Some page rank factors include:

Links: Both inbound and outbound links and the quality of those links
Content: Keyword density and how “fresh” or new the content is
Social Shares: How many visitors share your content on social media and how influential your visitors are

There are numerous other ways to improve your business’s search engine rankings such as using keywords but internal link building is one of the easiest to implement.

Internal Link Building
Links to your website, and in particular the text that’s used in those links, (this text is known as “anchor text”) has a significant impact on how well your website will rank in search engines.  In fact, Google’s original innovation was to figure out that how web pages link to each other was a better way to rank search results than to only rely on how many times a phrase appeared on the web page.

The thing that many small business owners forget is that links from one page on a company website to another page on the same website also count.  Since business owners are frequently more accustomed to writing a Word document than a web page, they often forget to include links.  The good news is that this problem can be readily fixed by simply updating existing web pages.

How to Increase Page Rank
For this one hour project, you will simply want to go through pages that already exist on your website and to try to find places where you can link to other pages on your site.  By doing this with anchor text that represents search phrases that you want to rank well for in the search engines, you’ll be able to get a nice little boost in your search rankings.

Which Pages Should You Work On First?
Your website’s home page is almost always the page with the greatest “authority” as far as Google is concerned.  That means that a link from that page will have the most impact.  The pages from your main navigation are usually the next stop on the authority list.  From there, you just want to be sure that no page goes underutilized – every blog post and subpage on your website is a potential opportunity to do some linking.

How Much Linking Should I Do?
There is no hard and fast rule for the number of links that should be on a page, but there are guidelines that will help you determine how much linking is appropriate.  At a high level you want to follow Google’s slogan – “Don’t be evil”.

  • Add value to the world with your links by helping a visitor to navigate.  Links are fundamentally designed to help with navigation of the internet and links on your own website are no exception.
  • Don’t link to unrelated pages or use words for the anchor text that don’t describe where you are sending someone with the link.
  • Don’t make a page solid links; that just makes the page hard to read.
  • Do use links – solids blocks of text without any linking are also sub-optimized for navigation.

So, there you have it; a very simple, yet underutilized way to improve your rankings in Google.  You’ve now spent 5 minutes reading this article, which still leaves you the next 55 minutes to improve your SEO – go do it!  After you get some more traffic coming to your site, the next step is to be sure that you engage your visitors with great content.

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