• SEO Checklist

You have a great site but you aren’t getting traffic or leads.

Google makes dozens of adjustments to its organic search algorithm every year, which makes it difficult for small business owners to know the right moves to make to earn the quality traffic and engagement they deserve. Here’s a checklist of some of the basics every small business owner should take care of to give their website a leg up over their competitors.

SEO Checklist

Pick Your Digital Business Focus

Knowing what products and services make you the most money and where you’d like to expand in your everyday business is incredibly important to setting the foundation for your online marketing. Take a moment and think about your business plan for the next year or even two years, and then use that information to drive your marketing efforts. Don’t think of keywords, but of general phrases that make sense when talking about your business.

Optimized Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions 

These are the cliff notes for your site and the first thing people and search engines see. Meta titles should be fewer than 75 characters including spaces and descriptions should be roughly double that.

Optimized Image Alt-tags

Your images are a great piece of of content to optimize for search engine image searches and more. Search engines can’t see what your image is, so explain what you’re displaying.

Optimized Headline Tags

Just like a newspaper, each page on a good business website has a headline that clearly describes what you want to convey. It’s also a piece that search engines pay special attention to.

Regular Unique Content

Blog posts and videos are a great way for you to present yourself as an expert in the field, answer common questions and show prospects how you work. Releasing these pieces monthly shows searchers and search engines that you’re dedicated to sharing information. Making your blog stand out can make your website stand out too.

Analyze Your Traffic

Doing all the above is great, but without data you can’t know whether your actions are having the desired results. Google Analytics is the industry standard and allows you to see where your traffic is coming from and what it’s doing on your website. This information is fundamental to all your digital marketing efforts and finding places for improvement.

Remember that SEO takes time, so treat it like a 401k. Invest in it each month and over time you’ll net fantastic results. Also know that there is no way to have lasting SEO success overnight. This is by design from search engines, who are constantly pushing for websites to produce quality work on a consistent basis to separate themselves from spammy, low-quality sites.

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