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Curious about a Google rank checker? Learn how you can get all the details about the state of your local business listing on Google each month so you can stay up-to-date on your local SEO presence.

For example, a website Google rank checker could give you details into any of the following for your website:

  • Website speed
  • Links between pages, and links coming in or going out of your site
  • Images and load time
  • How the site performs on mobile
  • What keywords your website focuses on
  • The structure of your website

A website rank checker is an easy way to quickly and usually for free, understand the areas you can focus on in order to improve your website and local presence for SEO purposes on Google.

Thinking Beyond the Website

As the world of local SEO continues to evolve though, it’s time to move beyond optimizing your website to rank on Google. When it comes to the state of local search rankings on Google, there’s a new king in town that’s creating more value for local business owners than their websites, and that’s a Google My Business profile.

Your Google My Business profile is what shows up in Google when someone does a local search for your business or for something related to what your business offers, like “pizza shop in Austin.” The listing contains important information so people can get information quickly, including things like your hours, location (which impacts Google maps), description, reviews, FAQs, and a link to your website as well.

Making sure you have a well built out and consistently updated Google My Business profile is one of the easiest things you can do in order to have a big impact on your local presence. But just as it has been hard over the years to keep up with traditional local SEO changes, the same is true with your Google My Business profile. Until now, thanks to ThriveHive’s Google My Business Rank Checker. All the value that you’re used to getting from website rank checkers you can now get with your Google My Business Profile! It’s easy, free, and takes less than 30 seconds.

Use The Google My Business Rank Checker Each Month

By simply entering your business gmail email address, our Google My Business Rank Checker then shows you the state of your listing across a number of factors including:

  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Hours
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Business details
  • Profile images
  • Verified status
  • Reviews
  • Review replies
  • Positive vs negative ratings
  • Average star ratings
  • Posts
  • Questions & Answers

Our Google ranking tool will show you where you’re doing well, where you’re missing information, and will also show you step by step exactly how you can improve your profile. It’s an eye-opening exercise to do for your local business, and an even better one to run on a monthly basis. Just like a gym membership, your goal is to improve your local presence on Google over time, and the focus of your improvement should be your Google My Business profile.

The nice thing about using our rank checker is your profile receives a detailed score each time you run a check, so you can track your progress over time to see where, how, and why you’re improving each month. As your Google My Business profile grows in strength each month you’ll be able to understand why and do more of the things that improve your score and, ultimately, your local presence.

Are you asking yourself, what is my google ranking right now? Well the good news is you can get it for free in less than 30 seconds now!

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