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No Cookie Cutters

No Cookie Cutters

Every local business is unique – don’t put up with cookie cutter solutions for your marketing.

No Cookie Cutters

Local business marketing used to be relatively straight forward – get a great location, advertise in the yellow pages, possibly do some direct mail or local newspaper advertising, and you had all of your bases covered.  Today, that isn’t the situation.  The number of marketing options for local businesses is completely overwhelming and that’s not something that is likely to change any time soon.  Local business owners don’t have time to research all of the available options and the market is flooded with companies that want to sell their marketing solutions.  The problem is that these marketing solutions tend to be cookie-cutter approaches that won’t necessarily work for your business.  Don’t fall for the cookie cutter approach!

What’s wrong with cookie-cutters?

Nothing if they are used in the food industry and everything if they are used as an approach to local business marketing.  By definition, cookie-cutter approaches to local marketing are not optimized for you.  If local business owners had money to spare, excess time, and enough customers, then it would be OK to learn marketing from trial and error.  The reality is that for a local business owner, relatively small amounts of money can be the difference between staying open or not, and time spent marketing frequently means time not spent directly selling or providing your service.  In order to optimize a local business’ marketing, the approach has to be tailored to the exact business.  Even within the same industry, what works for your competitor across town may be completely ineffective for you.  Cookie-cutter approaches may have you doing something that won’t work, or may be missing something that would be far more effective.

If cookie-cutter marketing solutions are so bad, then wouldn’t the companies selling them just go out of business?

No!  The reason why the marketing companies that sell cookie-cutter approaches can stay in business is because an approach only needs to work on average for a marketing company to succeed.  If it works well enough for 5 out of 10 businesses and those customers are enough to cover the costs of the marketing company, then the marketing company has a business.  The problem arises for the local business owners who are on the losing side of that equation.  For them, being on the less fortunate side of the average result can be disastrous.

The real solution is to treat every business uniquely.

While it would be much easier to just treat all businesses the same and sell a product with a single approach, we think the answer is to treat each local business differently.  Local businesses are all as unique as their owners and the most effective approach to their marketing is also unique.

Why don’t people do it? Because it’s hard.

The idea of developing a unique approach to each company’s marketing is not new.  This is how every large business handles its marketing.  If the same approach worked for every business then all of the Fortune 500 companies could simply buy the solution and fire their marketing departments.  When a large company hires a marketing agency, that marketing agency develops a custom approach for the company that is tailored to the specific needs of their client.  The problem with trying to use this model for local businesses is that local businesses can’t afford to pay an army of people to do their marketing.  This cost reality has pushed marketing companies to develop cookie-cutter tools and products that they have been selling to local businesses.  We think that approach is going to go away.

How can we make the custom approach a reality?

Data.  Today, we live in a sea of data.  By using an intelligent combination of people and computers that can crunch large amounts of data, ThriveHive is able to develop cost effective custom marketing approaches for every local business customer.  We also offer you the tools to execute that custom marketing plan (email, direct mail, social media and online and offline ad tracking) all within ThriveHive. We think it’s the future and if you’re a local business that doesn’t like the idea of someone selling you a cookie-cutter approach we welcome the opportunity to work with you.


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